Statement of Support from Algerian Women in the UK to the Peaceful Protests in Algeria

March 22, 2019

Senate house, University of London 9 March 2019

With total pride in the achievements of the Algerian people since 22 February 2019 and in admiration of the peaceful demonstrations across Algeria calling for democracy and respect for the Constitution, we, the community of Algerian women in the United Kingdom offer our complete support to the ongoing campaign for the rule of law in Algeria.

We firstly offer our wholehearted support to the protests, and commend their non-violent, civic nature.

We note significant advances for Algeria and for women that have been made during the last decades. We insist on the need to maintain and strengthen those rights.

We commit to supporting all our Algerian sisters and brothers, and Algerian women in particular, in ensuring effective representation in all next stages of negotiations.

As proud Algerians, we also commit to supporting honest reporting on the peaceful protests in the international media. We will challenge any inflammatory remarks by western journalists, as we will the vested stakes of foreign powers, and we will work with all Algerians to ensure that the people are listened to.

We urge all actors to challenge any expression of contempt, known as the hogra, which young Algerians feel has been the longstanding attitude towards them, and to be proud of our intelligent and creative young society.

We call on all Algerians to recognise the integrity and energy with which so many Algerians living in Algeria and in the Diaspora contribute already, through civil society, journalism or the arts and education, to building a brighter future for the country.

As representatives of Algeria abroad, we commit to supporting our sisters and brothers back home and to contributing to a respectful and truthful image of Algeria in international reporting on the current campaign for democracy. Tahya Aldjazair – Long Live Algeria:

  • Dr Latefa Narriman Guemar, Research Associate, CMRB, University of East London
  • Professor Zahia Smail, Chair of Modern Arabic Studies, University of Manchester.
  • Sameh Krichah, PhD Student, London School of Economics
  • Selsabil Amin, Master Student, Loughborough University
  • Zineb Lalaouine, MA, Freelance Translator and Lecturer
  • Imene Guemar, Undergraduate Student King’s college London
  • Meryem Abdelhafid, PhD Student, Coventry University
  • Ikram Berkani, PhD Student, Coventry University
  • Imene Hamani, PhD Student, Northampton University
  • Wahiba Benaceur, Freelance Translator
  • Dr Saleyha Hacen,  Doctor in Medicine and Film Maker
  • Chahrazed Madaci, Secondary School French Teacher
  • Latifa Tbehriti, Freelance Translator
  • Dr Nadia Rehab, Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University
  • Dr Fatima Semnani, PhD, Technology Innovation


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