On the Situation in the Arab Territories Occupied by Israel

July 24, 1989

The 24th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, 14-25 July, 1989 in Sydney, Australia:

The 24th International Congress expresses its utmost shock and grave concern over the reports of the continuous violence against and harassment of the Palestinian populations, including women and children, in the territories occupied by Israel.

Since the beginning of the Intifada, hundreds of civilians, including women, children, and the elderly have been killed or tortured. Tens of thousands, including peace and human rights activists, have been wounded and imprisoned. Hundreds of peace and human rights activists, have been wounded and imprisoned. Hundreds of homes have been blown up and hundreds of families displaced. Many activists have been deported and numerous institutions closed, including charities, media and unions. The closure of universities and colleges had been maintained for the second academic year. Such policies are grave violations of human rights.

WILPF urges Israel to put an immediate end to these atrocities, terror and violations of human rights and international law against the civilian Palestinian population under it military occupation; to release all political prisoners; to close all in human detention camps such as Ansar III to allow all deportees to return home; to reopen all schools, colleges, universities, unions, charity and media organizations; and to put an end to its policies of collective punishment.

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