August 3, 2001

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom IEC held in lieu of the 27th Triennial Congress, July 27-August 3, 2001 in Geneva, Switzerland:

WILPF International Executive Committee Meeting 2001 condemns any intervention by NATO in Macedonia and appeals to the United Nations and the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe

to take steps to control the border between Kosovo and Macedonia, eg. by engaging the REACT team (Rapid Expert Assistance and Cooperation teams), as decided in the OSCE Istanbul Charter (December 1999)

to stop the arms trade and the infiltration of armed forces and

to bring about an armistice in order to enable the building of institutions and develop laws that will permit all citizens to live together in peace and equality.

Access to Justice Arm Transfers Human Rights Human Rights Violations Participation to Peace Talks Political and Civil Rights Political Participation Right to Peace Small Arms Trafficking Macedonia Resolution

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