Human Rights Campaigns

August 5, 1995

The 26th Triennial Congress of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, August 1-6, 1995 in Helsinki, Finland:

The 26th International WILPF Congress calls for

a) Boycotting those business corporations whose labour policies and practices contravene international labour standards as set out in ILO Conventions and other international instruments;

b) Joining the campaigns of human rights advocates working for the application of legislation which support the women victims of rape and incest to obtain justice;

c) Supporting the campaign for obtaining justice for the women who were sexually enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War;

d) Working in solidarity with human rights groups to expose the practice of rape in war as a war crime;

e) Working in solidarity with oppressed peoples in the Asia‐Pacific region including the people of Tibet, Aceh, West Papua, East Timor Bougainville, the Karen in Burma, the Indigenous people of Australia and all the indigenous peoples of the region for social and economic justice;

f) Supporting peace‐building initiatives in Cambodia as an important barrier to the spread of war in the region.

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