WILPF International Programme 2011 – 2015 

The international programme of WILPF is agreed by the quadrennial international congress, and sets out programme priorities for the following four years. 

The programme priorities for 2011-2015 are summarized below. For more information about the full programme, please contact secretariat@wilpf.ch.


Summary of WILPF international programme 2011-2015 

WILPF works to create fundamental change in addressing issues of gender, justice, militarism, peace, and security. WILPF has developed strategic goals, programmes, and leadership focused on these challenges. Our current work draws on the expertise and commitment of our members in 43 countries and formal Sections in almost that many countries (with hundreds of branches and thousands of members), our staff in the Secretariat and Projects operating in Geneva and New York, and a wide range of partners. 

WILPF’s country Sections around the world operate in very different environments and the work differs between Sections. The organisation’s strength lies in its linkages between international, national, and local efforts to fulfil the aims and principles of the organisation. 

WILPF’s International Projects – the Women, Peace and Security Project (PeaceWomen Project/PW) and the Disarmament Project (Reaching Critical Will Project/RCW) – strive to ensure that the organisation’s work at the UN is effective and relevant for local and national contexts. The projects also receive inputs from national Sections to help make our work at the international level diverse, accurate, and accountable. 

WILPF continues to refocus the discourse on the causes of conflict to tackle widespread violence against women through activism, advocacy, and action. Building and maintaining sustainable peace cannot be achieved while women are excluded from decision-making and denied their rights. Indeed, engendering development, disarmament, and security policies contributes to the global effort to promote human dignity and human security. To address these issues, WILPF’s programme priorities for 2011-2015 are to challenge militarism; invest in peace; and strengthen the UN, with the overall aim to redefining Security. The international programme is developed to ensure a joint and comprehensive approach within the organization. 

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