Human Rights Programme

Our work with human rights uses what we call the ‘WILPF Integrated Approach’.


The Human Rights programme works on the international, regional and local levels to advocate for long lasting peace across the world, especially those in zones of conflict and militarised countries, through the realisation of all human rights.

As part of WILPF, the Human Rights programme promotes a progressive gender perspective in preventing conflict and creating peace by bridging global and local efforts to implement a holistic and transformative human rights approach.

The Human Rights programme monitors the UN human rights bodies to ensure their integration of disarmament, social justice and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda from a gender perspective in order to duly address the human rights of women on the ground.

The Human Rights programme builds a bridge between our on-the-ground National Sections and the human rights bodies to bring valuable information from the local level to the global level. More importantly, it builds a bridge back to them from human rights bodies to make sure that the final stakeholders feel involved and that the recommendations issued by these bodies are implemented at the national and local levels.


The main objective of WILPF’s Integrated Approach is to bring together issues of Peace and Security with Women’s Human Rights.

WILPF believes that Peace and Security are an integral part of Human Rights. Only through the accomplishment of Human Rights will we solve the root causes of conflict and thus it is unfitting to artificially separate these two matters in different bodies and fora.

Integrating these two areas has been a growing trend in recent years, and WILPF aims to further that trend. The Human Rights Council, for example, has demonstrated an increasing interest in ‘Women, Peace and Security’ issues and a growing number of resolutions mention the consequences of weapons on human rights. At the same time, CEDAW Committee has passed a General Recommendation on Women’s Human Rights in Conflict and Post Conflict Situations (General Recommendation 30).

This approach aims to raise awareness of the Human Rights Bodies of Human Rights violations related to WILPF’s work, increase their use of gender analysis, and expand grassroots NGO participation within Human Rights mechanisms. In doing so, this approach addresses the challenges of the changing international environment to make Human Rights systems work more effectively for women, and in particular for those in pre-, during, and post-conflict situations.

In this manner, the main goal of WILPF’s Human Rights Programme is to prevent and confront war and armed conflict using a Human Rights approach by the international community.

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