RCW’s work on killer robots

WILPF is gravely concerned at the possibility of weapons that may operate without meaningful human control. Due to this we joined the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. The use of force has already become too disengaged from human involvement and often even meaningful oversight or accountability. A ban on LAWS is necessary to ensure the retention of meaningful human control over targeting and attack decisions.

It is not often that the international community has an opportunity to prevent a potentially dangerous development. We urge all countries to publicly elaborate their policy on LAWS, particularly with respect to ethical, legal, policy, technical, and other concerns that have been raised in the UN Special Rapporteur Heyns 2013 report. We urge governments to endorse the recommendations in the report, including the call for a moratorium on lethal autonomous robotics. And we call on states to ensure meaningful human control over every individual attack and to prohibit the development, deployment, stockpiling, and use of LAWS. WILPF delivered statements to the Human Rights Council on this issue in 2013 and 2014.

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