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History of WILPF US

In January 1915 Jane Addams and Carrie Chapman Catt convened 3,000 women in Washington, DC, who called for women’s suffrage and a conference of neutral countries to end war.

The Women’s Peace Party (as it was called) then sent representatives to The Hague for the historic International Women’s Congress for Peace and Freedom in April.

Back home in the U.S., members took up the work for peace with justice under the name of WILPF. See history.

Jane Addams received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931, and Emily Greene Balch in 1946.

Work to halt war continued through the Vietnam era and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Members challenged racism over the decades, recently opposing the “stand your ground” gun laws.


Under the leadership of member-volunteers, the section’s programs continue to grow and evolve. Recently the Corporations v Democracy Issue Committee developed study materials used by the Move to Amend coalition in a campaign to abolish corporate constitutional rights; the Middle East and Disarm issue committees worked together to issue a statement opposing war on Iran and demanding a weapons of mass destruction free zone in the Middle East; and the Save the Water Issue Committee, renamed Earth Democracy, expanded to include a range of environmental issues such as hydraulic fracturing and is now working on a campaign to challenge Monsanto.

The 1325 subcommittee of Advancing Human Rights convened consultations in five cities on the U.S. National Action Plan then produced a report challenging the U.S. NAP for ignoring the issues raised in the consultations.

WILPF U.S. has two volunteer representatives to the UN in New York City. It also sponsors a Practicum (for college age women) and Local to Global event (for members) during the spring session of the Commission on Status of Women.

There are approximately 1400 active members in 55 local branches located across the country. The main office is located in Boston, Massachusetts.


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  • Advancing Human Rights / CEDAW
  • Corporations v. Democracy
  • Cuba, Women and the Bolivarian Alliance
  • Disarm / End Wars
  • Earth Democracy
  • Middle East

 Contact Details

Address: 11 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116

Tel: +1 617 266 0999 or + 1 617 266 1644

Fax: +1 617 266 1688

Email: info (a) wilpfus.org


President: Mary Hanson Harrison

Congress Coordinator: Chris Wilbeck

Secretary: Candace Perry

IB Member: Melissa Torres

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