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WILPF España was created on 10th July 2011. The Section was founded by a group of women with a long-standing involvement in international peace movements. Read more about the Section’s recent activities in its Annual Report.

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History of WILPF España

Some of the founders of WILPF España were a part of the antinuclear feminist pacifist movement of the 1980s. Others were involved in the Women In Black anti-war movement during the 1990s.

In the last decade they have been focussed on education and research, editing and writing journals and newspapers, giving lectures and organising workshops on women, peace and security.

Recognising WILPF’s historical contributions as the oldest organisation in this field, the women applied for membership and were admitted to the Congress held in San José, Costa Rica, in August 2011.

WILPF España Today

Presently, there are 36 women involved in WILPF España, with others in the process of being admitted.

The Goals of WILPF España

  • To publicise WILPF España’s history, program and international projects as well as expand to include more members.
  • To collaborate with WILPF International by translating WILPF International documents into Spanish so that they are accessible to the Spanish-speaking population.
  •  To participate in WILPF International meetings and platforms, for the chance to learn more and contribute.


  • Women, Peace and Security/ Resolution 1325.
  • Disarmament
  • Gender Violence

Contact Details

Address: 26-28 Bajo, Almería,  Zaragoza – España

Tel-Fax: +34 670 362 972

Email: wilpf.espanya (a) gmail.com


President: Carmen Magallón Portolés

Vice-President and IB Member: Manuela Mesa Peinado

Secretary: Laura Alonso Cano

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