WILPF Sierra Leone

WILPF Sierra Leone Group was created in 2018 with the aim of advocating for women’s rights and raising awareness of the value of women’s participation in civil society. WILPF Sierra Leone Group also advocates for better legal protection of women. Indeed, while Sierra Leone’s Government has signed and ratified most international frameworks, women continue to suffer from severe injustices and are excluded from the governance spheres, including security issues.

WILPF Sierra Leone Group may have joined the WILPF family only recently, but it has already engaged in actions aiming at engaging women in sustainable economic activities to alleviate poverty, working with policy makers to stress the importance of women’s rights, advocating for the rights of rural women, and training women to advocate for their rights. Furthermore, WILPF Sierra Leone Group is actively engaged in opposing gender-based violence and advocates against harmful traditional practices which affect women and girls around the country.


Address: C19 Bayconfields Complex, 7G Off Fergusson Street, Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Leone

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