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Remembering Joan Bazar

February 15, 2018

Joan Bazar

WILPF would like to offer our condolences at the loss of WILPF US Communicator Joan Bazar, who died peacefully at her home in California on December 22.

A skilled communicator and colorful writer, Joan’s writings graced the pages of the WILPF US Magazine “Peace & Freedom” and other international WILPF publications. She is remembered by her friends and colleagues as a formidable and intelligent woman, and was a fierce advocate for peace, disarmament and journalism.

Lois Fiedler, a colleague of Bazar, said of her: “Joan inspired the rest of us to be better at whatever we were working on, and to be faithful to the ‘spirit’ of WILPF. She has already been missed tremendously and will be long remembered!”

Joan (third from left) singing with her Raging Grannies group members.

Joan is recognized for her participation in the International Congress in India, her Cuba support work along with her late husband, and her journalistic skills, just a sampling of her numerous impressive commitments. She was a member of WILPF San José, former treasurer and board member of the San José Peace and Justice Center, a crew member of the educational film series 48south7th, and member of the San José Raging Grannies.

She passionately raised awareness and helped identify sustainable solutions for everything from Mexico’s drug war to the GMO revolution. Through flash mobs, rallying renditions of “Gonna Write to my Congressman,” and investigative news coverage of local peace initiatives, Joan made an indelible impact on her colleagues, community and friends. WILPF is richer for having benefited from her years of service and innovation.


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