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WILPF International Strategy

The WILPF International Strategy outlines the organisation’s continued journey for the three year period of 2017-19. The Strategy was crafted through participatory processes, most notably the collective work around our 100th anniversary in April 2015, an organisational evaluation conducted in 2016, and a strategic planning process carried out also in 2016. WILPF’s mission, principles, manifesto, international programme, and unique organisational structure direct the Strategy.

The Strategy is laid out as follows: section one introduces the document; section two outlines WILPF’s structure; section three analyses the current global context and root causes of conflict in and around which WILPF operates; and sections four and five lay out the direction, paths, and outcomes for the years leading up to 2019. The major goal of the document is to increase WILPF’s focus on feminist peace by addressing the root causes of violence with a feminist lens and mobilising for non-violent action. The Strategy further explains the six strategic outcomes to advance this goal.

Please read the PDF and download the WILPF International Strategy.

Code of Conduct, Investment Ethics, and Ethical Fundraising Policy

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