History of WILPF Palenstine

WILPF Palestine was founded in 1988 by Dr. Hanan Awwad, a writer, scholar and activist who recognised the good work that WILPF was doing and wanted Palestine to be a part of it.

Carving a Path for Itself

At WILPF’s 24th Congress, in 1989, the newly-created Palestine section submitted a statement and resolution, outlining the continuing violence and harassment of the Palestinian population living in Israeli-occupied territories.

The new Section’s accomplishments constituted a significant progress in the Palestinian women’s movement in the Occupied Territories.

WILPF Palestine is represented by notable female activists from various cities, small towns, villages and refugee camps and includes representatives of Palestinian unions outside Palestine, regardless of their political tendancies.

WILPF Palestine’s Focus

WILPF Palestine is concerned with the role of women in the state building of Palestine. In September 2011, the working group were very active in the campaign of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to acknowledge Palestine as a UN state.

WILPF Palestine also plays a vital role in the promotion of the role of women in Palestinian elections – local, legislative and presidential. Currently the section is intensifying its efforts to guarantee the participation of women in the up-coming elections.

Honours and Awards

WILPF Palestine is recognised nationally and internationally and has achieved much  since it was created. Below are just a few of its accomplishments:

  • The president of WILPF Palestine was elected a member of the Palestine National Council (PNC).
  • The Award for Peace and Justice by the Women’s Department of Al Quds University.
  • The Medal of Honour by the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago in a solidarity meeting in 2004.
Main Concerns
  • Middle east
  • BDS
  • Resolution 1325
  • Nuclear Arms
WILPF board
  • President and IB member: Dr. Hanan Awwad
  • Vice President and treasurer: Mrs. Nariman Alfar
  • 1325 coordinator: Masoon Al Qawasmi
  • Secretary: Christine Lane
  • Advisors: Badiha Khalaf, Ibtihaj Nazzal, Roqaia Nazzal
  • Gaza Coordinator: Hiyam Al sheikh
  • Maysoun al-Qawasmi
  • Young WILPF Coordinator: Shireen Al Far, co-coordinator: Asma Asfoor

Contact Details

Address: Wadi Al-Juz – Al-Khaldi Str. 4, Jerusalem

Email: wilpf-palestine (a) hotmail.com


President and IB Member: Hanan A. Awwad

Vice President: Nariman Al-Far

YoungWILPF Coordinator: Shireen Al-Far

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