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WILPF Norway, created in 1915, has been with WILPF since the very start. In Norway, the section is known as Internasjonal Kvinneliga for Fred og Frihet (IKFF).

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WILPF Norway appealed against the invitation to Norway to join Syria War (January, 2016)

January 2016, WILPF Norway sent a letter to the Minister of Defense Ine Marie Søreide. The US has requested Norway to join the war in Syria with jet-fighters, special forces or logistic support. WILPF Norway appealed against Norway’s involvement with reference to the protests from the International Peace Movement, earlier Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and several experts against bombing the IS in Syria. We urged that our government disregard the command and suggested five alternative approaches.

WILPF Norway joined the umbrella organisation (January, 2016)

January 2016, WILPF Norway joined the umbrella organisation Forum for Development and Environment at a parliamentary hearing about export of military goods and Norway’s military industrial strategy. WILPF Norway pointed out that the export of military materiel could not be seen in isolation from the production for and use of armaments in wars, as well as political priorities and industrial strategy. We demanded that the causes of wars and the effects of wars will be placed on the national and international agenda. Human security depends on water and food security, sustainable energy supply, health and education, jobs and a future for coming generations.

WILPF Norway organised a meeting on “Military Pollution, Climate and the Environment” (18 January, 2016)

On 18 January 2016, together with Grandmothers for Peace, and Grandparent’s Climate Action, WILPF Norway arranged a meeting on “Military Pollution, Climate and the Environment.” WILPF Norway highlighted the fuel use and the releases of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as a result of military production, transport and wars. WILPF Norway also highlighted the problems related to nuclear energy and the production of nuclear weapons. These are issues that were not addressed in the text adopted by the COP 21 climate meeting in Paris in 2015.

History of WILPF Norway

In the very beginning
WILPF Norway was founded in 1915 as a direct result of the Hague Congress: various Norwegian women’s organisations sent 8 representative delegates to the congress who later came together to form what is known as WILPF Norway today.

WILPF Norway’s unyielding involvement in Norwegian society from the very start
Due to its early creaton, WILPF Norway has been involved in numerous peace movements along the way.

In fact, during the 1920-30’s, only a few years after its creation, the section had already lobbied for implementation of the Hague program, in particular the use of mediation in international conflicts and the development of peace education and peace studies.

And the involvement did not stop there. During the years of World War II, members of WILPF Norway were involved in numerous protests throughout the country.

One of such protests, in addition to members of WILPF Norway, also included 250,000 parents that got together to protest the against the “nazification” of school education.

It is no surprise, then, that during these years, the president of WILPF Norway at that time was imprisoned for her nonviolent resistance.

After the war, WILPF Norway continued to take initiative in Norwegian society, in particular against Norwegian membership in NATO, underlining the importance of the United Nations as the main international security organization. However, one of the drawbacks of this initiative is that it significantly reduced the membership of WILPF Norway.

WILPF Norway today
Over the years, WILPF Norway has campaigned against the inclusion of women in the military service, taken active part in the campaigns for nuclear disarmament, and promoted culture of peace efforts.

This section was also one of the first to spread information about SR 1325 and to lobby for its implementation by Norwegian Government efforts for peace mediation.

As of today, WILPF Norway has ca 380 members with 4 branches and one main office in the capital city of Oslo. Although the number of members has been stable in recent years, this section has not been able to expand , a problem that it hopes to overcome in the coming years.

  • Bergen (aasemh04@yahoo.no )
  • Hedmark/Oppland (eliheide@online.no)
  • Sandnes (eingro@lyse.net )
  • Stavanger (hannekk@invivo.no )
  • Nuclear disarmament – including a convention to ban all nuclear arms
  • Ban uranium weapons and nuclear power
  • Food- and water security
  • Implementation of SR 1325 by Norwegian authorities and organisations
  • Against NATO’s “out of area-strategy”
  • Against the militarisation of Space, including the military use of exploration of the Polar areas

Contact details


Storgt 11, N-0155 Oslo, Norway

Tel-Fax: +47 9308 9644, +47 4812 4664

Email: ikff@ikff.no


President and IB: Liss Schanke

Deputy President : Kari Nes

Deputy IB member: Edel Havin Beukes


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