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History of WILPF Nepal

WILPF Nepal was established in 2047 B.S (1990 A.D.) at the presence of Jane Adams under the active assistance of Gopal Siwakoti, “Chintan”, who was Executive Director of Inhurred International at the time.

Although it had 19 members at the time of establishment under the presidency of Ishwori Sitoula, in 1995, a general meeting was held after which an eleven member committee was chosen under the presidency of Neelam K.C., who continues to work for WILPF Nepal.

WILPF Nepal Today

As of today, WILPF Nepal has conducted various programs regarding Human Rights including elimination of discrimination against women. It has also held talk programs on election campaigns for women (especially for the 1991 election) and interaction programs about implementation on CEDAW in Nepal (1992).

Neelam K.C, the current president of WILPF Nepal, has also held programs of 1325 and its implementation in the capital city of Kathmandu and plans to hold further programs in other districts as well.

In addition to such programs, WILPF Nepal has also visited prisons to improve women’s conditions and has also worked actively with other women alliances to give justice to rape victims such as Suntali Dhami, who was a security personnel that was raped by 6 security personnel.

WILPF Nepal hopes to continue its work improving conditions for women in Nepal, especially for those living in the rural areas of the country.

It focuses on the issues of human rights/CEDAW/1325, domestic violence, trafficking, increasing women’s participation in government decision making levels to least 33 %, empowering more women to participate in the ongoing peace process in the country, and working against the oppressive features of a conservative culture (i.e. witch-craft, chhaupady and other such superstitions).

 Contact details

Address: Chabahil – 7 Mirmiretole, Kathmandu Nepal

Tel: +977 114 486 280

Email:  wilpfnepalsection (a) gmail.com


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