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 History of WILPF Mexico

WILPF Mexico – otherwise known as Limpal Mexico – was originally created under the initiative of two Colombian women, Amparo Guerrero and Elizabeth Ballen.

They left their native country in the hope of continuing their work on the issue of violence against women in armed conflict and displacement by war, at an international humanitarian level.

Although the two women left Colombia with the same passion and thoughts for the future of women, they did not meet straight away in Mexico. In fact, even in 2003, the year WILPF Mexico was founded, Ballen had only just moved to Puebla in Mexico and Guerrero to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States.

However, disregarding this difference, Guerrero and Ballen decided to collaborate on improving the quality of life for Mexican women after finding that a common thread unified their lives: the desire to not only make visible the gender violence going on in the world but to directly play a role in bringing about change.

WILPF Mexico today

In 2014, WILPF Mexico focused on academic events covering issues of the rights of women and feminicide. The “Mujeres, Paz y Seguridad in the context of violence in Mexico” forum on 25 November 2014. aimed to sensitise the academic community, civil society organisations working with communities, and the mass media about the serious problem of femicide and violence against women before the upsurge in violence by organised crime.

It worked on campaigns in schools and educational workshops in communities of low economic resources and rural areas, such as a workshop on culture of peace, education for gender equity and peace culture with primary and secondary schools in Puebla.

In Guerrero, it worked with indigenous communities, alternative energy, and projects with youth.

Contact details

Address: Desértico B225-1 Puebla, Mexico

Tel: +52 1 22 23 74 79 16

President and IB Member: Elizabeth Ballén Guachetá

Email: ballen.elizabeth (a) gmail.com

Secretary: Fabiola Coutino

YoungWILPF Coordinator: Erick Bautista

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