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Picture of MENA Outcome Report 2012

Click on the image to read our 2012 Outcome Report, ‘Ending Discrimination and Reinforcing Women’s Peace and Security in the MENA Region’.

The report features discussions held in consultations and seminars, and focusses on the outcome of the three-day international conference, held in connection with the Human Rights Council’s 20th Session in Geneva, in June this year.

The report also contains statements from women participants, who had travelled to Geneva from the MENA region especially for the conference.


In spring 2012 – one year after the uprisings in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region – we started our project ‘MENA Agenda 1325’ in order to draw attention to discrimination against women and support efforts to reinforce peace and security in the region.

”Weapons are not only in the hands of the state; women are  afraid of the arms held by their husbands and children. We need to start a public discourse about private weapons” Woman, Lebanon, spring 2012There is no doubt that women activists played a vital role in the public uprising demanding democracy in the MENA-region. They fought side by side with the men in the underground movements, in the streets and from behind computers. But so far it is strikingly clear that the women’s efforts did not translate into an increased public participation in the reform process.

Today women in the region find themselves even more marginalised and excluded from formal decision-making than before – and stories about acts of violation and discrimination against women are overspilling from the region as well as facts about an increase of militarism, arms flow and gender targeted violence.

Strengthening women’s rights and security in the MENA region

To strengthen women’s rights and security in the region, women need to define their strategies, develop their knowledge about security policy issues and use their networks.

Without this they will not be able to gain access to participate in and influence security-related discussions and actions.

This is where our project ‘MENA Agenda 1325’ steps in.

Stories from and about the MENA-region

Photo of Manar Zeaiter

Meet Manar Zeaiter who as a lawyer fights discrimination and violence against women in Lebanon.

Profile picture of Azza Hilal Suleiman

Meet Azza Hilal Suleiman who was brutally beaten by the Egyptian armed forces during the riots.

Photo of three participants from the MENA Conference

Read the reportage “Forbidden Voices Unite” from the MENA conference in Geneva.

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