How to Join WILPF National Sections and Groups

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Afghanistan (Group)

To know more about how to join the group, get in touch with:

Jamila Afghani

Email: noor_en2001 (a)

Aotearoa/New Zealand

If you wish to become member of this section please apply by:

To get in touch with your section, the central address is:

WILPF Aotearoa
PO Box 2054
Wellington 6140

You can also contact one of the three active groups across the country in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

Membership focal point:

Megan Hutching
Email: hutching28 (a)

The membership fee is $NZ 30.00 or a koha.

This section accepts cash, cheques and payment direct to the bank account.


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WILPF Australia has a centralised process for membership for members only when there is no WILPF local branch. Indeed, membership is mostly handled by individual State Branches (5 in total plus the YWILPF Network).

More more details you can visit WILPF Australia’s website where you will find each Branch’s details.

Also, if you participate in a WILPF-organised event you will have the chance to pick up a membership form.

The cost of membership varies for each Branch. Please contact WILPF Australia directly for more details.


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Burundi (Group)

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To become a member of WILPF Cameroon, any interested person must meet the following conditions: adhere to the ideals of the organisation; complete and sign a membership form (in English or in French) provided by the Secretary General; pay the membership fee.

Membership focal point:

Email: nathwokam2 (a)
Tel. +237 699 867 306 / +237 652 085 047

Membership fees amount to 20,000 CFA francs (40 dollars) payable in one or two instalments on or before the second month after signing the membership form.


WILPF Canada does not have an online application form but they email the form when requested. Visit the WILPF Canada website for more information.

Membership focal point:

Marlene LeGates,
Email: mlegates33 (a)

The annual membership fee is $50.00, student membership $15.00 or you can make a donation.

Accepted forms of payment are cheques, money order, bank transfers or cash.

Chad (Group)

To know more about how to join the group, get in touch with:

Djibrine Souleymane Amalkher

Email: amalkher.djib (a)


WILPF Colombia does not have a system of membership; therefore they do not charge anything.

You can participate in the activities of the Section by becoming involved in the board of trustees, as leaders at the grass root level, or by benefitting from WILPF Colombia projects.

Costa Rica

WILPF Costa Rica does not have an online application form. The best way to get more information on becoming a member is to contact the section directly.

Membership focal points:

In San José:
Ana Mondrus
Tel: +506 2234 0200; +506 8679 5003
Email: anamondrus (a)

In the province of Limó:
Beatriz Schulthess
Email: beatriz.schulthess (a)

The membership fee is approximately two dollars per month.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

To become a member of WILPF DRC means to become an active participant in the achievements of WILPF, to be submitting to the decisions and recommendations of the organs of WILPF DRC and to defend the interests of the WILPF.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact:
Email: wilpfrdcsection (a)
Tel: 243(0) 825594079
11 Avenue Ngandajika Commune de Mont Ngafula – Kinshasa

Membership focal points:

In North Kivu:
Ms Jeanine BANDU
2, Avenue la Frontière
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tel: + 243 99 77 41 212
Email: bandujeanine (a)

In South Kivu:
Ms Julie Malenga SANGO
3 Avenue Kindu, commune Ibanda, Bukavu, SUD KIVU
Tel: + 243 998398179
Email: juliebasend (a)

In Katanga:
Muzama Mawang Delphine
5 Lumumba Quarier Lumumba
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tel: +243 81 49 95 196
Email: muzamadelphine (a)

WILPF DRC membership costs US $10 once a life; or by paying regular fees members US $5 a month.


If you are interested in becoming a member of WILPF Denmark you can find more information through the WILPF Denmark website There you will find the sign-up form that will be directly sent to the section. Once you have done so, you will receive a “thank you” message and the section’s bank account details.

Membership focal point:

Ida Harsløf
Solrød Byvej 34
DK 2680 Solrød Strand
Tel: +45 5614 3108/mob +45 2042 0995
Email: ida (a)

Membership fees are for family 350 KR, single members 300KR and for unemployed, students or pensioners 210KR.


If you wish to become member of WILPF Finland, please find fill out the online application.

Membership focal point:

Arja Laine
Tel: +35840 5236209
Email: arjah.laine (a)

The membership fee is 20 €, or for concessions 10 €.


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If you are interested in becoming a member of WILPF Germany, please join in the following ways:

  • Online application form
  • Send an email to Irmgard Hofer hofer (a) or info (a)
  • For bank transfer information write to Anne Ley: ley-schalles (a)
  • Application forms can also be collected at the end of events organised by WILPF Germany.

Membership focal point:

Irmgard Hofer
St. Michaels-Weg 2a
D 86476 Neuburg
Tel: 0049/ 8283/ 92927

The membership fee is annual 60 €, reduced 30 €.

Submission of payment can be done via Paypal, bank transfer, or direct debit order.


If you are interested in becoming a member of WILPF Ghana, you can contact the section directly by sending an email to contact (a)

Membership focal points:

Membership Coordinator:
Ms Adebimpe Kafayat Ajike
Tel: +233543192072
Email: feyisholaadebimpe (a)

Assistant Membership Coordinator:
Mrs Yomby Christelle Diane
Tel: +233269478755
Email: claustelle (a)

Member Relations Coordinator (communities):
Mr Joshua Grant (Associate WILPF Ghana member)
Tel: +233288234697
Email: josh.wilpfgh (a)

Student membership fees: GHC 5.00, other membership fees: GHC 10.00


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If you are interested in joining WILPF Israel, you can contact with the following membership focal points:

Tel: 0556615939
Email: astrauss1701 (a)

Tel: 0505783577
Email: lizisagie (a)

The membership fee is 100 Is. shekels/year. However, they are in the process of reviewing the policies, and things may change.


If you are interested to join WILPF Italy, you can get in touched with the following membership focal point:

Sancia Gaetani
Email: sanciagaetani36 (a)

The membership fee is €30.


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To know more about how to join the group, get in touch with:

Group lead: Anne Atambo

Email: not yet available


If you are interested to join WILPF Lebanon, you can get in touched with the following membership focal points:

Maha Aboulhosn
Tel: +9611786505
Alt. Tel:+06171850272
Email: maha.aboulhosn (a)

Sanaa Rawda
Tel: +9611364980
Alt. Tel: +96170645576
Email: sanaarawda (a)

The membership fee is $60 per year.


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Nicaragua (Group)

To know more about how to join the group, get in touch with:

Lillian Reyes

Email: ambaggl (a)


If you are interested in joining WILPF Nigeria, you can contact:

Oluchi Eze
Email: oluchi.patience (a)

The membership fee is of N2,000 or based on a donation. Both cash payment into the bank or at the office are accepted.


If you want to join WILPF Norway you can fill out the online application form or contact the section directly via email at ikff (a)

Membership focal points:

Oslo og Akershus:
Elisabeth Kristiansen
Storgata 11, 0155 Oslo
Tel: 93089644
Email: ikff (a)

Hedmark / Oppland:
Eli Hammer Eide
Tel: 93645176
Email: eliheide (a)

Hanne Kjersti Knutsen
Tel: 92224940
Email: hannekk (a)

Hermien Stoop Prestbakmo
Tel: 95465017
Email: hprestbakmo (a)

Susanne Urban
Email: susanne (a)

Gro Eriksen
Email: eingro (a)

The membership fees are of NOK 200, 300, or 500. It is all up to people to choose.


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If you are interested in becoming a member of WILPF Palestine, please join in the following ways:

  • You can become a member of WILPF Palestine by applying signing an official form.
  • You can also become a member by invitation – the executive committee can invite women from Palestine who are qualified and believe in WILPF’s charter and goals.
  • You can also obtain a membership form at public activities organised by WILPF Palestine

Membership focal point:

Nariman Far
Tel: (970)2428095
Mobile: (970)599220887
Email: Wilpf-palestine (a)
Alternate email: narimanahmad134 (a)

The membership fee is of $50, but Gaza members are exempt from this fee.

It is possible to pay in cash, bank transfer or cheques. Once the payment has been received, you will be sent a letter of acknowledgment and a receipt.


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If you wish to become a member of WILPF Polynesia, you can get in touch via email or join an event.

Membership focal point:

Titaua Peu
Tel: +689 87 76 78 73
Email: wilpfpolynesia (a)

The membership fee is 1000 F per year (1000 franc Pacifique or 10 US dollars), concessions are also available.


If you want to join WILPF Spain you can find all the information about the section at their website. There you can find a link to contact the section as well as their email address wilpf.espanya (a) When somebody contacts the section to become a member they will receive an application form and they shall then send it back by mail. However, the application form is usually also provided at activities organised by the section.

Membership focal point:

Pilar Concepcion Trigo Dominguez
Tel: +34 669 18 33 62
Email: ptrd0000 (a)

The membership fee is 20€ although concessions are also available.


If you wish to join WILPF Sudan you shall contact them by phone:

Tel: +24 996 524 02 68


If you wish to join WILPF Sweden you shall send an email to info (a)

Membership focal point:

Cerese Olsson
Tel: +46 760-362729
Email: cerese.olsson (a)

The membership fee is of 180 SEK/year and both Paypal and bank transfer are available. Also available is the automatic payment service.


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Uganda (Group)

To know more about how to join the group, get in touch with:

Rosemary Sennyondo

Email: sennyondo (a)

United Kingdom

If you are interested in becoming a member of UK WILPF, please join in the following ways:

  • Join online
  • Contact by email
  • By leaving a telephone message: +44 207 250 1968

Membership focal point:

Sheila Triggs
Tel: +44 168 982 7844
Email: sheila.triggs1 (a)

The following are accepted forms of payment: Paypal, cheque, cash when recruitment happens in person. You can find more information in the WILPF UK leaflet.

United States of America (US)

If you are interested in becoming a member of WILPF US, please join in the following ways:

  • Fill out an online forum
  • Contact the Membership Coordinator by email: ablondin (a)
  • Write to the WILPF US email address: info (a)

Membership focal point:

Ariane Blondin (Boston office)
Email: ablondin (a)

The membership fee is $35 and payment is accepted via PayPal or credit card.

If you would like to give a donation, you can read more on the WILPF US website.

Zimbabwe (Group)

To know more about how to join the group, get in touch with:

Edwick Madzimure

Email: beemadzimure (a)

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