The International Board

The International Board (IB) is composed of the ExCom, one international board member and one alternate elected by each National Section, and the conveners of the Standing Committees in an advisory, non-voting capacity. The IB is responsible for ensuring the means of financing the administration, programmes and all other activities of WILPF in accordance with WILPF’s Constitution and By-Laws.

The IB also has the overall responsibility for establishing the necessary standing and ad hoc committees, and for determining the rules governing their constitution, mandates, operating modes, and dissolution.

The International Board will meet again on 10 June and 9 July 2018. The meeting will cover key decisions ahead of WILPF’s 32nd International Congress. The supporting documents can be found on myWILPF.

For further information please contact the IB member or alternate of your Section or send an email to membership (a)

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WILPF’s International Board members in the world





➡  If you would like to get in touch with a specific International Board member, please indicate so when you contact us.

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