WILPF Ghana joined WILPF in 2011 and officially became a Section in 2015. In a country where more than a third of women suffer from domestic violence, WILPF Ghana aims to challenge the unbalanced power relations between men and women. The Section also advocates against militarism and is an active promoter of human rights at national and regional levels.

WILPF Ghana aims to challenge the unequal power dynamic that underpins society by raising awareness of violence against women and disarmament issues. The Section is working to change familial power relations by focusing on peace education and by investigating the root causes of violence. Over the years, the Section has increased its work on peace and other women’s issues by partnering up with local organisations and WILPF Sections in the region.



Website: www.wilpfghana.org/


Address: Hse 16, Atomic Energy Comm., PO Box AT 1878, Achimota, Accra, Ghana
Telephone: +233 24 92 08 848

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