Webinar: Human Rights Bodies for WILPFers

As you may know, WILPF has been present in the Human Rights (HR) bodies since our creation. The WILPF office in Geneva has been continuously working with these bodies, and we would now like to share our knowledge and hands-on experience on how to use these bodies and get the best out of them.

Every year in July, WILPF’s Human Rights Programme hosts a series of webinars to awake your interest on the use of HR bodies and increase your understanding of how to use them for the benefit of the objectives of grassroot organisations and to contribute to conflict prevention and resolution, disarmament and many other matters of interest for WILPF.

The materials are ready!

Please download now the materials to prepare the upcoming sessions! You will need to download all three documents to attend the whole series:

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This webinar is for you if you:
  • are new to the Human Rights bodies and would like to know how they work
  • already know about the Human Rights bodies but need refreshing
  • simply need some more technical information and templates about the HR bodies
  • would like to know more about how human rights interlinks with Disarmament and Peace and Security
  • are the one in your section who work in human rights
Thanks to this webinar, you will get:
  • an increased understanding of how to work with the Human Rights bodies based in Geneva and how they can make a difference for you as peace activists working on the ground
  • tips and explanations about the valuable input you can bring to these bodies
  • a quick and clear guide explaining what WILPF’s integrated approach is: bringing together issues of Peace and Security and Disarmament with Women’s Human Rights
  • practical guides and materials about the functioning of the Human Rights bodies and a calendar of their upcoming sessions
  • information and examples of the work WILPF has done so far with the HR bodies

During this webinar series, we will focus on the work of the Human Rights Council and the treaty bodies such as the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Therefore, this webinar series will provide you with information and experience on these bodies and mechanisms that you can then use in your daily work with WILPF.

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Should you have any question about this webinar, do not hesitate to contact us at rights (a) wilpf.ch.

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