UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women Review of Sweden

The Swedish Government will be reviewed by the UN CEDAW Committee (Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) on 18 February regarding its record on the implementation of the CEDAW Convention.
WILPF International Secretariat with a Member from WILPF Sweden, will actively engage with CEDAW experts to pass on the message to the Swedish Government that it must address and be held accountable for its impacts on women’s rights, not only nationally, but also abroad. Afterwards, WILPF Sweden and WILPF International Secretariat will publish a report underlining Sweden’s extra-territorial obligations to respect women’s rights under the CEDAW Convention.In this report, we raise concerns and recommendations on three main topics:

  • the consequences of Swedish arms exports on women’s rights and in particular on gender-based violence,
  • violations of women’s rights committed by Swedish companies (in particular in the textile industry in Bangladesh),
  • the implementation of Sweden’s commitments to the Women, Peace and Security Agenda.

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