Tweetathon to #ReclaimUN Spaces and spotlight #MissingVoices

The UN is ours. It has just lost its way – and we need to get it back.

As governments across all continents continue to adopt laws and policies curtailing civil society participation in democratic spaces, international sites have become even more critical to confront and hold governments accountable.

The United States’ anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, and anti-Muslim travel ban which prevented many activists from attending this year’s Commission on the Status of Women in New York represented the latest – and most extreme – obstacle to civil society participation in multilateral spaces.

The meaningful participation of women and gender justice advocates in convenings at the UN is essential to ensure that the needs of those women who have been historically marginalized and are today on the frontlines of our global crises are centered in UN decision-making processes.

Join @AWID and @WILPF for this tweetathon to #ReclaimUN Spaces:

Share your ideas and experiences about the space that women’s rights and feminist activists currently occupy and – even more importantly – want to occupy in the UN.

The Tweetathon will kick off with a Q&A with Madeleine Rees, Secretary General of WILPF, about why WILPF decided not to attend this year’s CSW, followed by an open discussion around these questions:

  • What obstacles do you face to engage with the UN? How can they be overcome?
  • Why is it important for you to continue engaging with the UN in the current context? Or, why it is no longer important?
  • What would you need to more effectively monitor how States implement their international obligations at the national level?
  • What have you learned through doing advocacy at different UN spaces that can be replicated elsewhere?
  • What would a feminist UN look like?
  • What difference has the presence of a UN-mission in your country made for you? What has been your experience in engaging with them?

What has your experience doing advocacy been like at different UN spaces: Commission on the Status of women, Human Rights Council, CEDAW Committee, General Assembly, etc.? What has worked, what is not working, what would you need to have a greater influence there?

Join the tweetathon to have your voice heard!

Tweetathon food for thought:

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