COP21 Workshop: Nuclear Energy Doesn’t Save the Climate”

Our workshops take place at the People’s Climate Summit, in Montreuil, which is just outside the east of Paris.

6 December 2015: “Nuclear Energy Doesn’t Save the Climate” 

10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Lycée Jean Jaurès – Salle 202


Sophie Morel, WILPF France, will speak about “nuclear power : a false solution to climate change” ( to introduce the general focus & the specific topics exposed by the speakers)

Eva Fidjestoel, nuclear physicist, WILPF Norway, will speak about “nuclear fuel cycle”

June Norman, WILPF Australia and Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia, will speak about “uranium mining and Aboriginal communities”

Angie Zelter, Trident Ploughshares and 2001 Right Livelihood Award, will speak about “nuclear weapons, militarization & climate change”

Dominique Lalanne, ICAN and Abolition 2000, will speak about “humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons”


To get to the workshops from Paris, please take subway line 9, station “Mairie de Montreuil”.

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