Challenging the bomb: Nonviolent protests and nuclear disarmament

What: Event

When: 22 January, 11.30-13.30 h CET

Where: Geneva


The event Challenging the bomb: Nonviolent protests and nuclear disarmament” is co-hosted by ICAN and WILPF.
We will hear from Sister Megan Rice, Transform Now Plowshares, a peace activist who three and a half years ago broke in a US nuclear base and thereby exposing the risks surrounding nuclear weapons, will join us for a conversation about nonviolent activism, her own experience in 2012, and the urgent need for nuclear disarmament. 

Ray Acheson, WILPF (Reaching Critical Will), will offer an international perspective on the current state of affairs. Further, she will discuss how modernisation in the nuclear-armed states is undermining the prospects of achieving a world free of nuclear weapons and why we need to prohibit nuclear weapons.


 Sister Megan Rice, Transform Now Plowshares

Ray Acheson, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Hosted by WILPF Disarmament programme and 

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