[AWID 2016] Women’s Power to Stop War – Peace across borders

Africa is currently facing several violent conflicts. There’s a low level of women’s formal participation, and a growing political and social instability fuelled by uncontrolled flows of arms. For 100 years, WILPF has worked across borders, through collective-power, to eliminate root causes of conflict and build sustainable peace and justice.

This AWID session consists of a panel of four prominent women working for peace and security in their respective countries, regionally and internationally. The women are all presidents and founders of the WILPF Sections and Groups in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad.


Annie Matundu-Mbambi is the President and founder of WILPF DRC. She is also a Gender and Development Consultant and activist on Women Rights with 20 years’ experience and is one of the leading experts on Women, Peace and Security in DRC. She holds a double Master’s degree in Public-Financial and Economic-Planning.

Sylvie Ndongmo is the President and founder of WILPF Cameroon. She is a teacher by profession and a Human Rights defender and Gender expert with 19 years of experience working in the civil society sector. Her expertise is Human Rights, Gender and Peacebuilding and she holds a B.D in Bilingual Letters.

Amalkher Djibrine is the President and founder of WILPF Chad. She is a  young  activist working to bring positive change among communities. Her focus areas are: Peace, women, youth-empowerment and leadership. Her passion is to understand the root causes of violence and to help implement sustainable peace in Africa.

Date: 11 September

Time: 9:00am – 10:30am

Place: Ala Agua – Aimores

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