[AWID 2016] What does solidarity look like? A cross-movement dialogue on challenging religious fundamentalisms

Come and hear a candid and provocative discussion with activists from different movements on the challenges they face working together in the context of the sharp rise of religious fundamentalisms and their innovative ideas and proposed actions on what is needed to strengthen solidarity and a more cohesive response.

In keeping with the Forum’s theme of building collective power for rights and justice, this session aims to build new connections and bolster opportunities for networking for activists working to counter religious fundamentalisms and it’s impact on women’s rights and gender justice across regions and movements. Religious fundamentalisms are clearly having disastrous consequences women’s human rights. The transformative changes needed to achieve gender justice, such as the dismantling of patriarchy structures; liberation from the multiple oppressions that dictate the lives of women, girls, LGBTQI and religious and ethnic minority groups; redirection of military spending to social programmes; developing progressively stronger human rights standards; and promoting alternatives to entrenched neoliberalism have all suffered from setbacks due to the rise of regressive political-religious forces, and require strategic cross-movement and cross-regional collaboration to strengthen resistance. Activists experiencing these consequences in different contexts are often not linked, the issues are not seen as intersecting and the ability to demonstrate solidarity and the activism for change suffers as a result.

This session aims to ask the hard questions around how we understand the intersections, the challenges of making the linkages between these struggles, what opportunities we see for solidarity and how this can be done.

Laila Alodaat, WILPF Crisis Response Manager, will be participating in this session.

Date: Saturday 10 September

Time: 11:30am – 1:00 pm

Place: Porto Seguro

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