In a time where our planet is suffering from rising levels of carbon dioxide emission and the growing threat of global warming is becoming more and more evident, greater efforts are needed to be taken in order to slow down and stop this current development.

If such efforts are not made, none of us, not even the wealthiest, will succeed in escaping the effects of drastic climate changes such as lack of drinking water, destruction of soil productivity and a rapid decrease of biodiversity.

Our approach

For us the term ‘sustainable development’ expresses the concept of providing the basic requirements for life and human dignity for all — present and future — in a way consistent with the ecological reality of our human existence. This means, that the overall objectives of and essential requirements for sustainable development are:

  • poverty eradication
  • changing unsustainable patterns of production and consumption
  • protecting and managing natural resources
How war has an effect on the environment

In 1999 we established our Environment Working Group. Since then the working group has been working hard to combat and shed light on the devastating consequences that war and preparation for war have on the environment.

Environmental damages such as pollution of air, water and land; unregulated plunder of natural resources and the negative impacts of mass population movements on the environment are often common in times of war and are in many cases only reversible in the long term.

For us a just and fair sustainable way of living will NOT be possible without a radical transformation of society. We have to transform the idea that security equals military might to security equaling the wellbeing of every human being, a society based on universal human rights, justice, peace and respect for the natural world upon which we depend.

The Environment Working Group

Are you passionate about  justice, peace and respect for the natural world? Do you have talent to spare? A special field of expertise? And do you want to be part of a group of experienced women fighting to make a difference?

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Contact the Environment Working Group

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