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In 1915, leading members of the Danish Women’s Association participated in the International Women’s Congress for Peace and Freedom in the Hague.

Right after the meeting, they formed “The Women’s Peace Chain”, which in 1925 changed to “Women’s International League For Peace And Freedom.”

In Denmark they are known under the name: “Kvindernes Internationale Liga for Fred og Frihed.”

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 History of WILPF Denmark

After the First World War, WILPF Denmark worked mainly in the social and humanitarian area for the rights of women and children and in the area of keeping peace.

In 1921 when a hunger blockade hit Vienna, Austria one of the founders of WILPF Denmark, Clara Tybjerg (link in Danish), organized in helping bring children from Vienna to Denmark.

Another noteworthy member of WILPF Denmark was the first president, Thora Daugaard (link in Danish), an outstanding woman, who, among other things, instituted an annual “Peace Day” where money could officially be collected for a variety of causes.

Today this program collects money for the “Kvinde til Kvinde” (Woman to Woman) foundation, a program for women in former Yugoslavia.

During World War II

During the Second World War, apart from working to solve conflicts through dialogue, WILPF Denmark also played a role in helping the Jewish people to escape to Sweden and in helping refugees. During this time the membership grew to around 30,000 people.

However, recently there has been a decrease in membership to WILPF Denmark since many of the former members have now formed their own organisations specialising in niche areas of WILPF’s focus.

WILPF Denmark Today

WILPF Denmark has always focussed its political work mainly on women. Now, improvements in global communication and the easy access of information has led to this section being even more focussed on women, and critical towards the governments of countries where its forces are working.

Aside from analysing papers and providing information, WILPF Denmark is also always ready to take a stand against governments that neglect to address their human rights violations or do not live up to their promises.

  • Skive

1. 1325

  • Women in Afghanistan

2. Human Rights

  • Asylum seekers/refugees

3. Disarmament

  • Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons

Contact details

Address: Vesterbrogade 10, 2. DK 1620 V

Tel: +45 29 10 97 05

Email: wilpfdk (a) gmail.com


Co-Presidents: Aase Albæk, Tove Krag and Ida Harsløf

IB Member: Ida Harsløf

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