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The history of WILPF DRC

In June 2007, Marie Claire Faray, a member of the organisation Common Cause and WILPF UK, travelled to Kinshasa, DRC to attend a congress organised by the Caucus of Congolese Women.

Here, she not only brought together 35 women leaders of various women’s associations of the Democratic Republic of Congo and introduced them to WILPF, but she also presented them with the opportunity to set up the WILPF DRC Group.

Seizing this opportunity, in October 2007, Annie Matundu Mbambi, currently the President of WILPF DRC, travelled to London to a meeting that was held at the office of WILPF UK.

At the meeting, the President and a few members of WILPF UK, including Marie Claire, came together to help and support Annie Mbambi to set up the WILPF DRC Group.

Following these meetings, a month later, in November 2007, Marie Claire Faray, Marie Claire Ruhamya and Annie Matundu presented a letter to the Ministry of Gender, Family and Children and the UN Mission in Congo (MONUC) asking to set up a WILPF group in the DRC.

Permission was granted and the WILPF DRC Group was finally launched in December 16, 2007 in the capital city of Kinshasa with a team composed of six members including Annie Matundu Mbambi as President.


In August 2011, the WILPF DRC Group officially became a Section. Currently the Section has more than 88 members working in four different areas of the DRC.

The growth of WILPF DRC over the years has been immense as it has developed numerous relationships with many national and international organisations in the field of advocacy related to the goals of WILPF.

Overall, WILPF DRC aims to contribute to the elimination of gender discrimination and to engage in construction and consolidation of peace in the DRC.

In 2014, WILPF DRC focused on the implementation of UNSCR 1325 by training its members through capacity building workshops, sharing UNSCR 1325 National Action Plan experiences with other countries, and helping to build up other WILPF Groups in Cameroon and Uganda.

Preparatory workshops in June 2014 for WILPF’s 100th Anniversary made WILPF DRC more visible to other civil society organisations in the area. WILPF DRC also participated in the African regional meeting in DRC, Nigeria and South Africa, held workshops on International Peace Day and on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, and went into the field on the International Day of Rural Women.

  • Nord Kivu
  • Sud Kivu
  • Katanga

Contact details

Address: 11, Avenue Ngandajika, Commune de Mont Ngafula, Kinshasa

Email: wilpfrdcsection (a) gmail.com

President and IB Member: Annie Matundu Mbambi

Vice President: Julienne Lusenge

YoungWILPF Coordinator: Sandra Kanyeba Kambala

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