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As part of the Ministry of Justice and Peace’s Red de Paz, a coalition of peace groups, WILPF Costa Rica continued to participate in meetings and workshops in 2014. It had a booth at the Festival de Paz where it gave out colouring books on building a peace culture.

It participated in a Festival for Migrants where it presented materials on how to secure documents for residency and rights to health, education and work.

WILPF Costa Rica members Adilia Caravaca and Jennifer Lizano joined other WILPF members at the regional meeting in Colombia. Adilia Caravaca and Mitzi Stark also gave a talk in the name of WILPF to students at the UN University for Peace.

WILPF Costa Rica worked on its campaign against gun toys, sending out letters and photos of gun toys to media and to personalities to promote peace in families.

Contact details

Address: Avenida sexta Bis, N 1336, por calle 15

Costado Oeste de los Tribunales San Jose

Costa Rica

Email: limpalcr (a) yahoo.es

President: Adilia Caravaca
Vice President: Ana Mondrus
Treasurer: Marta Salazar
Secretary: Maria Eugenia Fonseca
Heredia (headed by Mary Ann Stark)
Limon (headed by Beatriz Schulthess)



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