COP21 – UN Conference on Climate Change

logocop21-ppal_reduitThe UN Conference on Climate Change (COP21) is taking place in Paris 30 November to 11 December. This conference will a critical opportunity for countries to meet, discuss, and reach an international agreement about global warming.

This year, WILPF will be very active during the conference, our work will focus on fossil fuels, civilian and military nuclear matters, environmental and social justice, climate refugees, indigenous peoples and gender equality..

We will be organising two workshops and we have an exhibition space. The place and time will be announced on this webpage when all details have been confirmed.


Our workshops take place at the People’s Climate Summit, in Montreuil, which is just outside the east of Paris.

Workshop 1:

6 December 2015: “Nuclear Energy Doesn’t Save the Climate” 

10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Lycée Jean Jaurès – Salle 202


Sophie Morel, WILPF France, will speak about “nuclear power : a false solution to climate change” ( to introduce the general focus & the specific topics exposed by the speakers)

Eva Fidjestoel, nuclear physicist, WILPF Norway, will speak about “nuclear fuel cycle”

June Norman, WILPF Australia and Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia, will speak about “uranium mining and Aboriginal communities”

Angie Zelter, Trident Ploughshares and 2001 Right Livelihood Award, will speak about “nuclear weapons, militarization & climate change”

Dominique Lalanne, ICAN and Abolition 2000, will speak about “humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons”

Workshop 2:

6 December 2015: “Women Facing Climate Change”

2:00 PM- 4:00 PM

Lycée Jean Jaurès – Salle 203


Marta Benavides, El Salvador, White Band

Dr Jill Stein, Earth Democracy, TPP Free Zones, presidential candidate for The Ecologists in the US

Anita Fisicaro, WILPF Italy, FAO representative

Moderator: Heidi Meinzolt, WILPF Germany

Getting there

To get to the workshops from Paris, please take subway line 9, station “Mairie de Montreuil”.


Click on the map to get a closer look.







WILPF information booth

You can also visit our information booth at the Global Village of Alternatives. Please find us in AREA 10 (Migrations & Solidarity)

Read the Programme and Plan for the Global Village of Alternatives

Read more about the People’s Climate Summit

WILPF Congress Resolutions

At the Congress in 2015, the Congress adopted 11 resolutions, two of which are very important to the COP21 goals: Climate Change and Protecting Democracy in Trade. We have taken the two resolutions and created A1 posters, which we will use in Paris. You can also click the posters below to download a print-ready file in A1 format.


COP 21_Resolution on Climate Change COP 21_Resolution on Trade
Download the Resolution
Climate Change,
Environmental Justice & Peace:
>> English
>> French
>> Spanish
Download the Resolution
Protecting Democracy &
the Public Interest from
Secret Trade Agreements:
>> English
>> French
>> Spanish

Join the COP21 Working Group!

Are you ready for COP21? A COP21 Working Group with WILPFers from across the globe has been established, and you are more than welcome to join the group. The group will be present in Paris, but we also need people to work on the WILPF’s COP21 mission at the local and national level. Active participation from WILPFers around the world is vital, if we want to live in a peaceful and sustainable world. The focal for the COP21 Working Group is Heidi Meinzolt from WILPF Germany.

How to become COP21 Active

1. Organise a climate event in your place/country at the same period of COP21

• Contribute on the content/ linked to peace in your place/country. Sections, experts in the sections/branches should contribute with contents, urgencies/specific environmental challenges, respective materials, infographics, leaflets and documents. You can find some really useful resources on the Women Climate Justice website for inspiration.

2. Join the WILPF events during COP21 in Paris. We are very interesting in the participation of women from climate effected regions, but the voices of all WILPFers are needed.

• Workshops – Please let us know if know any experienced speakers for the two workshops mentioned above.

• Exhibition – We will have a WILPF exhibition space, and we need WILPFers to greet COP21 attendees, giveaway flyers, and spread WILPF’s message.

• Joint meeting – for logistic reasons, please tell us if you are coming as we make a reservation for a room where us WILPFers can meet to discuss our COP21 activities. Please contact Heidi Meinzolt at heidi (a)

3. Join the COP21 Working Group. A closed mailing list has been made for the group to discuss ideas, plans and logistics in preparation of COP21. If you wish to join this list, please email the secretariat (a) and kindly ask them to add you to the mailing list. Please write the the subject line: WILPF cop21 working group.

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