WILPF Chad joined the WILPF family in 2016 with the ambition of creating a platform that would press for a wider representation of women in peace processes. Surrounded by conflicts of an extreme violence (Boko Haram in the west, the Sudanese war to the east, and the Central African Republic conflicts to the south) that render the whole region unstable, Chad faces many challenges. In this context, WILPF Chad advocates for a different vision of the world, one in which conflicts are resolved by peaceful means, and where men and women are equally empowered to enable the realisation of their best selves.

WILPF Chad strongly believes that women are an essential element in peace processes and works to enable them to play their role. The Section includes among its goals: participating in the implementation processes of women’s rights frameworks (CEDAW and Beijing declaration, UNSCR 1325) at the national level; cooperating with political, traditional, and religious authorities; participating in conflict resolution by presenting peaceful alternatives in schools, universities, security and military corps, women’s and youth organisations; strengthening women’s participation in the country’s development work; and reaching the population of rural areas for sustaining peace debates.


Address: Rue de 40 metres, Rond-point palis de 15 janvier, N’djamena, Chad
Telephone: +235 66 27 64 17/+235 92 01 01 19
Email: wilpf-chad (a) hotmail.com

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