WILPF Cameroon was officially set up as a Group in January 2014 and became a Section during the 2015 WILPF Congress. It was founded as a result of the increasing regional security challenges, the influx of refugees into the northern and eastern parts of the country, and the urgent need to focus on peacebuilding, demilitarisation, and women’s rights. In this context, WILPF Cameroon emerged to offer a platform from which women could influence the security issues their country faces, and from which they are usually excluded.

WILPF Cameroon’s mission is to contribute to social stability by building a movement of women peacemakers to end and prevent war. It aims to ensure that women are represented at all levels in the peace consolidation process, to defend women’s rights, and to promote social, economic, and political justice. WILPF Cameroon is actively working on the implementation of Cameroon’s National Action Plan (NAP) UNSCR 1325, as well as researching Cameroon’s arms trade and organising capacity-building workshops on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and the UN Programme of Action (UNPoA) for authorities and civil society partners.



Address: WILPF Cameroon, PO Box: 15766, Rond Point Salle des Fêtes d’Akwa, Douala, Cameroon
Email: wilpfcameroon (a) gmail.com
Telephone: +237 243 57 09 05 /663 533 301

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