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At the regional level, WILPF Bolivia focuses on the promotion of resolution 1325 and other laws against discrimination, human trafficking, harassment and political violence against women. Together with local charities it organised a number of workshops aimed at providing technical training for migrant women in suburban and rural communities.

At the national level, WILPF Bolivia is an active member of the national women’s network and provides free legal advice to women victims of domestic, gender based, political or military violence. It takes part in the drafting of proposed legislation to protect women’s rights and disarmament. In 2014 WILPF Bolivia contributed to several printed and broadcast media pieces on the violation of women’s rights.

The Young WILPF Bolivia network works on the prevention of gender based violence, military violence and violence linked to street gangs by disseminating information on resolution 1325 in schools, universities, radio, and TV and by organising regional and national workshops.

Contact details

Address: Calle Beni, No. 755

Oficina No. 4

Santa Cruz de la Sierra


Email: rpuo9 (a) hotmail.com

President: Maria Patiño Uriona

Vice President: Sara Aramayo Jordan

YoungWILPF Coordinator: Ana Lorena Terceros


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