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History of WILPF Australia

In March and early April 1915, in Melbourne, Australia, two Women’s Peace organisations were formed in response to the needs of women who had achieved suffrage: to exercise that right in national-international affairs, and respond to the insult of war on the founding peace principles of the new Australian nation. They wrote to the women’s international suffrage movement about their foundings and were surprised and delighted to receive by cable the news of the International Women’s Congress at the Hague. Both the Sisterhood of International Peace and the Women’s Peace Army immediately affiliated with the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, and both proposed the start of funds to enable Australian women to attend the next Congress – which they did. After the 1919 Congress, the Women’s Peace Army disbanded and in 1920 the Sisterhood of International Peace became WILPF Australia – and gathered in some of the Women’s Peace Army members around the nation.


WILPF Australia initiates projects with focus on Australia’s national action plan on Women Peace and Security for urgent emphasis on equal participation of women and prevention of armed conflict and violence in order that the three other themes of relief-recoverynormative equality and some hope then of protection can begin to be realised. And we work with NGO networks to inform and move government. We work with networks for disarmament, reallocation of resources from military security to human security and for all human rights for all.

Our future is both with mature and experienced women, who elect to join WILPF in sufficient numbers to offset the attrition of great age in membership, and in the formation in 2011 of Y-WILPF which provides a space for women under the age of 35 to network, organize and advance the goals of WILPF within the younger generation.  YWILPF exists to bring new perspectives, experiences and ideas to the organisation. Importantly, YWILPF brings in a new generation of women to promote of peace and social justice into the future.

  • Australian Capital Territory
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
Challenging Militarism
  • To reduce foreign troops in Australia
  • To redefine security from military to human security
Invest in Peace
  • Develop a Plan for building peace in our region in partnership with others.
  • Advance SCR 1325 actions and human rights
Strengthen & reform multilateralism
  • Influence Australian government to improve implementation of UN Treaties
  • Urge Australia to use its seat on the Security Council to promote peace

Contact details

Address: PO Box 934, Dickson ACT 2602

Email: wilpf (a) wilpf.org.au

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