Audits 2012

2012 was a strong year financially for our organization. From 2011 to 2012, within the span of just one year, WILPF doubled its revenue. The overwhelming support from donors and contributors who share our vision enabled WILPF to expand the number, size, and scope of its programmes, projects and activities.

This money has enabled WILPF to amplify the voices of women from around the world at both a local and global level. The extra funds afforded WILPF members from our Sections, including women in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and the MENA region, the opportunity to fly to Geneva in order to participate and engage in the UN human rights system mechanism. Moreover, our ability to conduct capacity building by either financing or developing the projects of our partner organisations and WILPF Sections increased exponentially. With the increased revenue, WILPF has helped educate and empower future women leaders both in our National Sections and partner organisations.

The additional monetary support also allowed the International Secretariat to enlarge its staff to better carry out WILPF’s work and mission. In addition, it granted us the means to create and hone a unique WILPF brand via our new international website, social media and newsletters. By improving our internal and external communication framework, we increased our ability to effectively disseminate WILPF’s message of defending and supporting social, economic and political justice for everyone, everywhere.

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Thanks to our sponsors, donors, and committed WILPF members, we are steadily progressing towards increasing our financial sustainability. While it is difficult to raise sufficient funds to cover our operating costs, we are confident that with the unflagging support of our members and donors, WILPF’s work will continue to impact the fight for peace and human rights.

To access and view WILPF’s complete audited financial statements for 2012, please see these documents: 

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Download New York (UNO) Office audited financial statements >>


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