WILPF has continued to grow in 2014 with the help of committed donors, who gave us the chance to face new challenges.

2014 was a special year for WILPF, as we entered the final straight before our 100th Anniversary in 2015. This meant extensive fundraising and outreach to be able to bring 1,300 people to The Hague to celebrate our 100 years of working for peace.

In this light and thanks to the support of members and donors, WILPF organised four regional conferences in 2014, strengthening our regional cooperation with the Sections and discussing what our members want to get out of this big event.

In 2014, WILPF got the chance with the renewal of certain funding to invite several of its members and partners, including women from Bolivia, India, Iraq, Italy, Spain and Syria to participate and engage in the different UN Bodies in New York and in Geneva in order to get their voices from the local to the global level.

WILPF continued to support several of its Sections and partners in the implementation of projects and workshops. WILPF also continued to strengthen its new project: the Bosnia/Syria initiative in organising a big conference in Sarajevo to bring women from these two countries together.

In 2014, WILPF’s international office was given the necessary funding from UN agencies, foundations and private donors, to strengthen its work with regions/countries in conflict. With the situation in Ukraine, WILPF had to get involved in the struggle for peace together with the women on the ground. WILPF was then able to start a project with local organisations in Ukraine.

WILPF’s Communication Team has been busy in 2014 with the upcoming Anniversary in outreaching and building the capacity of WILPF’s Sections in communication. The funding received in 2014 allowed our Communication Team to work on the development of an online membership forum, which will be launched in 2015. This will be a great achievement to give our members the opportunity to debate and share their views.

As our organisation grew, one of our priorities in 2014 was to reinforce our financial management. WILPF was able to expand its Finance Team and they worked hard to ensure accountability and transparency. With the support of our Standing Finance Committee, they have been developing new procedures to ensure strong internal controls. It will still need some time and efforts to appreciate the results of all this work and to reach long-term financial stability.

WILPF’s international office greatly appreciates all the support and generosity of all of our donors and all what was given to us in-kind, in helping us prevent and end war, and make the world a more peaceful place for today’s and future generations.

Please read the audited financial statements of the Geneva and New York offices of WILPF: 

Download Geneva Office audited financial statements >>

Download New York (UNO) Office audited financial statements >>

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