2013 saw WILPF going from strength to strength financially as the organisation grew. The increased revenue from the previous year continued into 2013. This, along with the continuous support from donors and members, allowed WILPF to continue its mission.

During the year, the Geneva office saw its financial support renewed from numerous governments, foundations, and from several other partners and private donors. Along with membership contributions, WILPF persevered in amplifying the voices of women from around the world at both local and global levels.

The funds afforded several WILPF members from our Sections, including women in the DRC, Nigeria, India, Colombia, and the MENA region, the opportunity to fly to Geneva and New York to participate and engage in the UN human rights system. Moreover, WILPF was able finance and develop the projects of our partner organisations and WILPF Sections.

In 2013, WILPF International office created the Bosnia/Syria initiative in order to respond to the Syrian crisis and build peace. This new initiative has been financially supported by private donors, foundations, UN agencies and governments. This has aided WILPF to support Syrian women in trying to get access to the peace negotiations table on the one hand and to bring Bosnian and Syrian women together to work on conflict prevention and peace building on the other.

In February 2013, WILPF members got the opportunity to meet at the International Board Meeting 2013, which took place in Madrid, Spain. Thanks to the financial contribution of WILPF’s national Sections and external public and private donors, most our sisters were able to attend this important meeting. However some Sections were missing, which shows there are still some financial difficulties to overcome.

As the organisational capacity of the Anniversary grew, in 2013, WILPF officially launched our 100th Anniversary preparation and the “Women’s Power to Stop War” campaign. Special thanks must be extended to the donors that enabled for such progress to take place. 2013 also saw the race begin for the fundraising for the WILPF Conference and the Congress. These efforts will be continuing up until April 2015!

The communication team is constantly working to share the International Secretariat and the Sections’ work with the world.  Throughout the year, we have also been able to help several Sections build their websites by strengthening WILPF’s image and supporting them in gaining more national visibility.

The working capacity of WILPF’s International offices continued growing in 2013, along with the establishment of greater fiscal sustainability. However, there is still a continuous struggle to get longer-term financial stability. The members of the Standing Finance Committee have been active in setting up new policies and on supporting the office in achieving that goal.

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WILPF’s International Secretariat greatly appreciates all the support and generosity in helping us prevent and end war, and make the world a more peaceful place for today’s and future generations.

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