WILPF and other organizations are preparing now for how to monitor and support the effective implementation of and compliance with the ATT once the treaty enters into force. In the meantime, the Control Arms Coalition has prepared a set of easy actions to take over the next few months:

        • If your government is one of the 118 signers, then send them a letter congratulating them and asking them to ratify as soon as possible. Offer to meet to discuss the ratification process, and any help that can be offered from Control Arms and ATT Legal.
        • If your government has not yet signed but voted yes to adopt the treaty write to them requesting that they sign at the High Level Treaty event in September 2013 in New York.
        • If your country abstained or did not vote, they can still sign the treaty. Try to arrange a meeting with them to discuss this, and contact the Control Arms Secretariat for lobby points for abstaining governments.
        • If your government tells you when they will be signing, please let the Control Arms Secretariat know as soon as possible by sending an email to: info@controlarms.org
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