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How new technologies are violating women’s rights in Saudi Arabia
21 March 2019

Ghana News Agency
Promulgate Legislation to Regulate the Use of Killer Robots – WILPF
3 January 2019



Forum on the Arms Trade 
Solving the Rubik’s Cube: What’s Next for Norms in Cyber Space
20 December 2018

Die Wochen Zeitung
Die Frauen müssen angehört werden
20 December 2018

Forum on the Arms Trade 
The Gender and Weapons Nexus Recognized
19 December 2018

Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy
Ray Acheson 
6 December 2018

Heinrich Böll Stiftung
A Feminist Critique of the Atomic Bomb

17 October 2018

The Nation
To Preserve Our Humanity, We Must Ban Killer Robots
1 October 2018

African Feminists Emphasize the Key to Global Peace
25 September 2018
Una activista afirma en Tudela que la “paz no es una meta, sino un proceso en el que debemos implicarnos”
19 September 2018

The Nation
How Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons Changed the World
6 July 2018

The Nation
Rebuilding the Antinuclear Movement
1 June 2018

European Leadership Network
The nuclear-armed states are creating the conditions for NPT collapse
29 May 2018

The Nation
A New Generation Against the Bomb
27 April 2018

The Nation
Resisting Nuclear Weapons Means Resisting Injustice and Oppression
2 February 2018

The Nation
We Need a Complete Nuclear-Weapons Ban
16 January 2018




The Huffington Post
Assumptions, Rugby Tackles, and the Prevention of Conflicts in the Korean Peninsula and Beyond
30 November 2017

Pressenza – International Press Agency
Donne e disarmo nucleare: Intervista a Antonia Sani
17 November 2017

Agence d’Infromation d’Afrique Centrale
Interview. Sylvie Jacqueline Ndongmo : «Les médias sont un acteur incontournable»
31 October 2017

The Huffington Post
Can the Security Council Work for Women?
20 October 2017

Magasinet Udbrud
Syriens rebelske kvinder portrætteret i stærke kortfilm
6 October 2017

The Pool
Meet the Woman Documenting Syria’s History Through the Eyes of Women
27 September 2017

The Huffington Post
Investigating Foreign Military Bases and Sexual Violence in Djibouti
27 September 2017

Wellesley Centers for Women
Envisioning a World of Feminist Peace
22 September 2017

RCN Radio
Armas en poder de civiles en Colombia amenazan vida de las mujeres, asegura ONG
4 September 2017

The Guardian
Syrian Feminists: ‘This is the chance the war gave us – to empower women’
7 August 2017

AUT Pacific Media Centre and 95bFM
Talking with Kozue Akibayash, the International President of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
7 August 2017

Brettonwoods Project
IMF Ukraine programme’s impact on women’s rights criticised at Human Rights Council
3 July 2017

The Pixel Project
Inspirational Interview: Madeleine Rees, OBE, Secretary General WILPF – Part 2
25 June 2017

The Pixel Project
Inspirational Interview: Madeleine Rees, OBE, Secretary General WILPF – Part I
25 June 2017

Common Dreams
“Would You Like a Drink of Water?” Please Ask a Yemeni Child
20 June 2017

The New York Times
As Atrocities Mount in Syria, Justice Seems out of Reach
15 April 2017


The New York Times
Fearing Korean Nuclear War, Women of 40 Nations Urge Trump to Seek Peace
29 March 2017

WILPF European meeting Article

Il Paese delle Donne Online – Rivista
A Roma, nel 60° della UE, il meeting delle sezioni WILPF europee. Unite per cambiare rotta all’Europa
29 March 2017

Huffington Post
Women’s Meaningful Participation: The Missing Ingredient at CSW61
10 March 2017


Citing Trump Immigration Ban, a Major Group Drops Out of UN’s Annual Women’s Conference
11 February 2017


Le Courrier
Un nouveau souffle pour la défense des droits humains
22 January 2017



Crowds of women march through Penzance to ‘Reclaim the Night’
November 2016

Small Steps by Men, demand for Giant Leaps from Womankind… in the path towards World Peace, says UK NGO

November 2016

1047671680Sputnik International News
Gender Gap in Peacemaking ‘Unacceptable’
November 2016

cover-article-madeleineNYU Journal of International Law and Politics
Exposing the gender myth of post conflict transition: the transformative power of economic and social rights, by Madeleine Rees & Christine Chinkin
October 2016

Women Petition UN Leader to seek Korean Peace Treaty

The New York Times
Women petition UN leader to seek Korean Peace Treaty
27 September 2016

WILPF sponsors Hiroshima and NagasakiVermont Journalism Trust – VTDigger
WILPF sponsors activities to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki
21 July 2016

WILPF on the newsGraphic Online
Implement treaty to help control proliferation of small arms
13 July 2016

Appeal for info about MarazionThe Cornishman
Appeal for info about Marazion peace pioneer
9 June 2016

2016-05-17_1127Nigerian News Direct
Civil society groups stage protest over Herdsmen attack in Enugu
4 May 2016

2016-05-17_1136Daily Post
Herdsmen attack: Civil society groups stage protest in Enugu
3 May 2016

SJSolicitors Journal
The fight of a lifetime: Human rights in Syria (as pdf)
19 April 2016

newsFrost Illustrated
From Mary Church Terrell to Barbara Lee: Black women in the peace movement
4 April 2016

openOpen Democracy
Gender, war and peace: “We the people.”
8 March 2016

20160219_144439Aurore Plus
Prolifération illicite des armes en Afrique
9 February 2016

20160219_144439Aurore Plus
Les OSC tirent la sonnette d’alarme
9 February 2016

Cameroon Tribune
Armes légères: non à la prolifération
9 February 2016 ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊


The-National-70x70The National
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh: We can not force peace upon Syria from afar
23 December 2015

Vision D’Afrique
La participation des femmes à la prévention et la gestion des conflits au menu d’une conférence régionale en Afrique Centrale
December 2015 – January 2016

Der-Bund_70x70Der Bund
Ich dachte, das syrische Regime fällt bald
30 November 2015

Cover of Huffington Post

Huffington Post
It must not end in war … and it doesn’t have to
17 November 2015

Cover of Peace in Progress

Peace in Progress
Creeping militarism: A critical challenge to gender justice and peace
November 2015


Open Democracy
Faultlines, refugees, and the law
27 September 2015

Mobilising-for-peace-and-freedom--from-aspiration-to-lasting-changeOpen Democracy
Mobilising for peace and freedom: from aspiration to lasting change
28 August 2015


Open Democracy
The politics of human rights and the United Nations
24 August 2015

When peace is your game, everyone winsThe Tico Times
When peace is your game, everyone wins
12 July 2015

The-Independent_70x70The Independent
Madeleine Rees: Human rights lawyer on her battle to combat violence against women
11 July 2015

Article-from-the-Guardian-70x70The Guardian
Bosnia rape victims may claim compensation for first time
30 June 2015

La paz se construye en los territorios donde las mujeres conviviran con sus
“La paz se construye en los territorios donde las mujeres convivirán con sus victimarios”

30 June 2015

24 June 2015

The International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect (ICRtoP) Blog
The Impact of the Syrian Conflict on Women
17 June 2015

Life-Changing-Lessons-from-the-2015-Women's-Power-to-Stop-War-ConferenceWellesley News
Life-Changing Lessons from the 2015 Women’s Power to Stop War Conference 

11 June 2015


Pacific Media Centre
100 years of WILPF brings women to talk about stopping war
3 June 2015

Female conscription is not a feminist issueNorsk Kvinnesaksforening
Female conscription is not a feminist issue
25 May 2015

Glesbygden utnyttjas vid militärövningar
25 May 2015

What causes conflict and how can it be resolved? - podcastThe Guardian
What causes conflict and how can it be resolved? – podcast
21 May 2015

From Northern Ireland to Korea- the power of nonviolence and love in actionOpen Democracy 50.50
From Northern Ireland to Korea: the power of nonviolence and love in action
21 May 2015

NPT- nuclear colonialism versus democratic disarmamentOpen Democracy 50.50
NPT: nuclear colonialism versus democratic disarmament
21 May 2015

19 May 2015

Where your conscience can take you- North KoreaOpen Democracy 50.50
Where your conscience can take you: North Korea
18 May 2015

El-poder-de-las-mujeresUniversidad Nacional de Colombia – Escuela de Estudios de Género
El poder de las mujeres construyendo paz. 100 años de feminismo pacifista
15 May 2015

14 May 2015

WILPF's Centenary in The HagueClare Walker Consultancy
WILPF’s Centenary in The Hague
14 May 2015

Peace-is-loudPeace is Loud
Peace is Loud at the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom 100th Anniversary Conference
11 May 2015

Women, Conflict Resolution, and PeacebuildingTranscend Media Service
4 May 2015

1 May 2015

My justice Madeleine ReesJustice Hub
1 May 2015

1 May 2015

Lay Down Your Arms - 900 Women at The Hague Pledge to Continue to Struggle for Lasting PeaceArbeitskreis für Friedenspolitik
30 April 2015


Feministiskt Perspektiv
När 1 000 farliga kvinnor samlades i Haag
30 April 2015

Manga-har-ingenFeministiskt Perspektiv
30 April 2015

World disarmament. Start by disarming masculinityOpen Democracy 50.50
World disarmament? Start by disarming masculinity
30 April 2015

Haag-konferenser far nytt livTidningen Syre
Haag-konferensen får nytt liv
30 April 2015

Live broadcast 27 April 2015Democracy Now!
Live broadcast 27 April 2015
27 April 2015

Violence is not inevitable; It is a choiceOpen Democracy 50.50
Violence is not inevitable; It is a choice
23 April 2015

EL-PAIS.-100-anos-de-feminismo-pacifistaEl Pais Planeta Futuro
20 April 2015

20 April 2015

Centenario LIMPALUniversidad Nacional Radio
Centenario LIMPAL
19 April 2015

51 Show 134151% WAMC
16 April 2015

Going back a hundred years...Some place else: diversity, learning and change

Women, Peace and Transnational Activism- A Century OnHistory of Feminism Network
10 February 2015

Gi fredsprisen till kvinneligaenNordnorsk debatt
Gi fredsprisen till kvinneligaen
3 February 2015

Hon-far-skrivaVästmanlands Läns Tidning
Hon får skriva visa till 100-årsjubileumet
2 February 2015

First International Congress of WomenPeace in Progress, International Catalan Institute for Peace

Interview with Adilia Caravaca, President of WILPFPeace in Progress, International Catalan Institute for Peace



2 December 2014

Conferentie dit voorjaar in Den HaagPowervrouwen Blog
26 November 2014

Bildts solidaritetshandling provocerarSveriges Television
3 November 2014

Kvinnors-kraftLandets Fria
21 October 2014

Intervju-for-fred365 days for peace
17 October 2014

AvslojandeSvenska Dagbladet
4 September 2014

Letter by Helen KayThe Guardian
3 August 2014

Commentary on 'A Dove Sits on My Shoulder'The Natural Venn Diagram
3 August 2014

On Women Power and Stopping WarScoop It/Fabulous Feminism
29 May 2014

Movimientos de mujeres por la paz, un siglo haciendo impensable la guerraEl País
2 May 2014

IKFF-firar-99Bosnien och Herzegovinas Kvinnoriksförbund i Sverige

99-ar-av-fredskampFeministiskt Perspektiv
28 April 2014


NF2014-Vems-Feministiskt Perspektiv
#NF2014: Vems säkerhet prioriteras?
14 June 2013

Planning for WILPF's historic 100 Year AnniversaryPeace and Freedom
22 March 2013

98-anos-de-paz-y-feminismoEl Diario
24 February 2013



Kriget-ar-en-bestandsdelFria Tidningar
8 December 2012

Militara-insatserFeministiskt Perspektiv
17 October 2012

Sverige-har-unik-chans-Feministiskt Perspektiv
29 March 2012

Analysen-lyser-medFeministiskt Perspektiv
18 February 2012



Chans-att-andraFeministiskt Perspektiv
21 October 2011



16 September 2010



Femmes actrices de non-violence et de paixRitimo
2 November 2009



Effekten-av-nySveriges Radio
23 July 2008



25 September 2006



Hvordan Krohn Devold er muligKilden
3 March 2004
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