A Section of WILPF was originally started in Argentina at the beginning of the 1990s. However, the political context of the country forced many of its activists to exile to Spain and the Section was dissolved. WILPF Argentina Group re-emerged in 2018, when it rejoined WILPF with the same determination to challenge the patriarchal system that generates injustice and violence.

WILPF Argentina Group focuses its energy on one of the biggest flaws of Argentinian society: domestic violence. While still organising its rebirth, WILPF Argentina Group has a long history of feminist activism and knows how to use WILPF’s structure to further advocate for women’s rights and promote peace on a local and global scale.


Address:  Piedras 1065, Buenos Aires
Email: argentina (a) wilpf.org
Telephone: +54 112 081 95 28

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