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After succesfully celebrating 100 years of women’s peacemaking together at the WILPF 2015 Conference, Women’s Power to Stop War, we would like to share a number of historical exhibits celebrating the past of the women’s peace movement featured during this event. This page gives you the opportunity to browse through 100 years of history and visit the historical exhibitions spread throughout the Conference Area. Find out about inspiring peacemakers, major accomplishments like the Beijing Women’s Conference and Journey, and the generations of peacemakers before us.

The 1915 International Women’s Congress

In 1915, over 1300 foremothers of WILPF came together in The Hague at the International Women’s Congress from both neutral and belligerent nations in protest of WWI. Those courageous women were the first to see the inherent links between war and peace, women’s participation and social and economic justice, which carries on in WILPF’s philosophy and work today. Get to know the women who led these efforts and the immediate actions the Congress triggered at this exhibition.

Photos (click to enlarge):

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Presentation of the panelists of the 1915 Congress (from left to right):

Lucy ThoumaianLeopoldina Kulka (German version)Laura Hughes LundeRosa SchwimmerAnita Augspurg (German version)Jane AddamsEugenie Hamer (Dutch/French version)Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs (Dutch version)Chrystal MacmillanRosa Genoni TiranoAnna Kleman (Swedish version)Thora DaugaardLouise Keilhau (Norwegian version).

6 Million Voices for Disarmament

WILPF collected six million signatures in 1932 and delivered them to the World Disarmament Conference in Geneva, demonstrating the millions carving disarmament around the world. With this work, the connection between war and industry was first very publicly established.

Read the Peace Petition here

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A Peace Journey to Beijing

In 1995, WILPF members undertook an epic journey to the International Women’s Conference from Helsinki to Beijing. Learn about the adventures the women had along the way, the lessons they learned and what was ultimately archived at the historic Peace Tent and the official Beijing Programme for Action. With this journey WILPF succeeded in placing peace on the women’s agenda for years to come.

Read the exhibition’s description

Read about the different stops

A DVD was made about the Beijing trip. If you would like to buy it, please contact Robin Lloyd:

The description of the DVD:

Tells the story of 230 women and ten men from 42 nations who travelled on the “Peace Train” Helsinki to the fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. Sponsored by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, the Peace Train made stops in such cities as Kiev, Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul, and Almaty, where travellers met with local women. Also features footage from the fourth World Conference on Women.


Demanding Women’s Participation

Wondering why the women’s peace movement has called for participation in peace negotiations for over a century? Take a look at what some of the most important peace negotiations of the century truly looked like and learn about the role WILPF played in securing Security Council Resolution 1325 to change this picture.

Read Resolution 1325 here and more about the role WILPF played in its drafting here.

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The Wall of Peacemakers

Interested in the face of the women’s peace movement? We’ve put together more than 60 for you to learn about! Browse through our Wall of Peacemakers to get to know some of the women who have fought for peace over the last century. We hope their stories inspire you and give you the power to carry on their legacy to become the generation to truly stop war.

You’ll find the Peacemaker-files as well as a note on copyright on this dropbox. Feel free to use and share the material!

Peacemakers Dropbox

Want to use this exhibition? Please contact to receive further information and guidelines.


Nuclear Disarmament Throughout the Ages

WILPF has fought for nuclear disarmament throughout its history. Walk through time and learn about some of the largest disasters the world has ever seen and how WILPF responded every step of the way, right up until our recent efforts in establishing an international nuclear weapons ban.

Nuclear Disarmament Throughout the Ages



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