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The History of WILPF Albania

The social transition of the ‘90s and the hardships of a developing society outlined the role of women in the realization of freedom, equality and peace in Albania. Inspired by this, in December 10, 1996, a group of women activists created WILPF Albania.

At the time of its creation, although conflict situations, uncontrolled arms, and assassinations were ongoing in Albania, WILPF Albania strived to attain peace by organising mass peace protests in the country.

In addition to such national campaigns, WILPF Albania was also involved in the European Peace Congress that took place in Osnabruck, Germany and the 27th Congress in Baltimore, USA, both of which were attended by Tatiana Kurtiqi, a member who is still with WILPF Albania today.

Over the years, WILPF Albania has also been particularly focused on disarmament, trauma facility and human rights following the post conflict situation in the country.

Although the activities of this section are addressed to all aspects of Albanian society, special attention is paid to the rural areas of Albania where women face especially difficult circumstances.

In fact, WILPF Albania has worked hard to overcome such circumstances and, as a result, it boasts numerous success stories such as the project of trauma facility for women and girl refugees from Kosovo and the project of disarmament with Culture of Peace.

WILPF Albania today

In collaboration with other local organisations, WILPF Albania planned a conference in Tirana on Antifascist War and Peace Values, in which some high level national authorities participated as well.

It hosted activities and conferences on the Anniversary movement and peace values in several Albanian districts, including Korça, Tirana, Shkodra, Berat, and Elbasani, and held meetings and social cultural activities with students and pupils about Women, Peace and Security.

In 2014, representatives from WILPF Albania visited bordering areas to discuss peace and minorities in the Balkans.

WILPF Albania also prepared a book on peace realities and traditions of Albanian women personalities that personify peace values.

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Contact details

Main office address:

Rr. Naim Frasheri, P. 84, sh.2, ap.31, Tirana, Albania

President: Eriketa Kambo

IB Member: Tatiana Kurtiqi

YoungWILPF Coordinator: Marinela Prifti



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