Africa Region Working Group

The Africa Region Working Group was initiated by Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo on August 6, 2011, during the WILPF International Congress in Costa Rica.

The Aims of the Group

The group wishes to build solidarity and expand WILPF membership within Africa as well as to work on emerging social, cultural and political challenges that affect women throughout Africa.

Most African countries are either in pre-conflict, conflict or post-conflict situation. In light of this, the Africa Working Group works closely with women facing problems due to recent conflict and who are also combating gender inequality, poverty and injustice.

The Focus
  • Projects that will build women’s capacity to participate and get involved in politics, as well as providing them with leadership skills in government negotiations and peace processes.
  •  Working with other sections that have similar projects or who are willing to create campaigns or projects in regions that would have an impact on the African region and the women there.

Please contact Joy Onyesoh at dzoious(a) if you would like more information.

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