WILPF Afghanistan

WILPF Afghanistan became part of the WILPF family in 2016. The members of the Section aim to participate in the creation of an Afghanistan free from war and violence. Among the values guiding the work of the Section is the belief that a genuine and sustainable peace can only be achieved with women’s participation within peace processes—a concept that is almost non-existent in Afghanistan. Indeed, while Afghan women have been severely and disproportionately affected by the long-lasting conflicts in their country, they have been kept away from peace-building processes. WILPF Afghanistan was formed with the aim of suppressing this injustice.

Composed of a group of local women volunteers, WILPF Afghanistan has reached out to WILPF’s network to establish stronger relations with national and international partners promoting peace and justice for all. Since its establishment, the Section has created and supported various programmes promoting peace, and has led projects challenging the inequalities generated by unbalanced gender power relations.


Address: Kabul, Afghanistan
Email: wilpfafghanistan.2018 (a) gmail.com
Telephone: +93 (0) 79 93 37 667

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