WILPF Afghanistan Group

WILPF Afghanistan Group works for an Afghanistan free of war and violence. The aim of the Group is to bring together women in Afghanistan as peacemakers and enhance their role as active and constructive members of the global movement for peace and freedom.

WILPF Afghanistan is a group of volunteer women and organisations who are strongly committed and believe that there is an urgent need for permanent peace in the country.

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WILPF Afghanistan Group held its first meeting in May 2015 to introduce WILPF’ goals, mission, and vision to some Afghan sisters who agreed to be part of the organisation and work for its goal in Afghanistan. The Group brought together a number of women, men and youth committed to work for a world where peace and freedom prevail.

About WILPF Afghanistan Group

WILPF Afghanistan Group considers the three elements below as its long-lasting ambition:

  1. The world to be fair for all Human Being;
  2. Equal participation of people in decisions which affect their lives must be ensured;
  3. Any group, sect, faction of the societies must cooperate with each other for a just, peaceful and free world.

The Group is primarily working on:

  • Creating and supporting various programs of peace for the survival of the communities and for planning positive change based on lessons learned from the past;
  • Sharing ideas, experiences and information with other like-minded institutions on national and international levels;
  • Rooting out the violence against women, children, youth and men through cultural, religious, social, political and economic initiatives;
  • Establishing stronger relations and contacts on national and international levels for peace, social justice, democracy and freedom.

Contact Details

Address: Kabul, Afghanistan

Lead: Jamila Afghani

Email: noor_en2001 (a) yahoo.com

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