WILPF Academic Network

The WILPF Academic Network is a think tank that addresses issues of gender, peace and security by linking a global network of academics and peace activists.

By connecting academics and activists, the WILPF Academic Network provides a platform for researchers to disseminate, communicate, and integrate their knowledge and expertise in order to:

  • Advise and support the political endeavors of WILPF;
  • Inform and engage the public and WILPF members through webinars;
  • Generate a sense of rapport and community among academics, activists and the public.

The WILPF Academic Network is comprised of university professors, doctoral students, and independent researchers. To learn more about each scholar’s specific interests read their profiles by clicking on either the links below or on the sidebar:

Our Members


The mission of the WILPF Academic Network is to support WILPF with accessible data and research; to be responsive to the research needs identified by country sections and other women’s groups; to communicate, support and collaborate with each other; to spread WILPF’s mission and introduce WILPF on campuses.


Guided by the belief that feminist research and the academia can improve peace activism and that the experiences from feminist peace movements can enhance scholarship and teaching, we envision a mutually beneficial relationship between research, activism and teaching. We aim at transforming these areas of work and our institutions in ways that support WILPF’s vision of a world free from violence.


WILPF will host a number of webinars featuring the Academic Network. For updates and advance notice of future webinars, sign up for the WILPF newsletter WILPF News and Alerts.

View a WILPF webinar or learn more about webinars here at how to attend a WILPF webinar.

Contact the Academic Network You are always welcome to contact the coordinator of the WILPF Academic Network. Barbara K. Trojanowska Email: academic (a) wilpf.ch.


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