White Privilege Training Offered by Building the Beloved Community Issue Committee

Sha'an Mouliert training at NY Metro Branch

Are you ready to be a part of the change?

Racism is a fierce, ever present, challenging force; one that has structured the thinking and actions of individuals and institutions since the beginning of U.S. history.  To understand racism and effectively begin dismantling it requires an equally fierce, consistent and committed effort.  Please join us as we embark on this most crucial journey and begin to realize our vision of a racially just society.

The following branches have taken up our invitation and will be hosting a training:
New York Metro January 17, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA February 6-7, 2009
San Jose, CA February 21, 2009
East Bay/Berkeley and
possibly San Francisco, CA
February 28, 2009
Madison, WI March 7, 2009
Bloomfield, NJ March 21, 2009
Vermont Central March 25, 2009
Cape Cod, MA April 4, 2009
Brunswick, ME April 18, 2009
Denver, CO May 16, 2009
Boston, MA May 30, 2009
Portland, OR June 20, 2009
Vancouver, WA June 21, 2009

Over the past 6 years, the National WILPF Board has emphasized our racial justice work and has made a commitment to taking steps to truly address racism.  The Building the Beloved Community issue committee was created from the United for Racial Justice Campaign.  Members of the issue committee, chaired by Sha’an Mouliert, have created a very resourcful web page on the WILPF web site.

During the process of developing these resources and trainings the video Making Whiteness Visible was discovered, which discusses white privilege in America.  This is a very powerful video that addresses the core pillar of racism, the privilege that the dominant culture excercises every day.

The WILPF Triennial Congress featured a plenary showing this video.  It was met with great success and the comments after were a sign that our memebers “get” how white privilege effects both the way those of us who are part of the dominant culture live in this world and how harmful it is for people of color.

It is with this background that we are offering a full day training to our members.  The training will include the showing of the video Making Whiteness Visible with facilitated discussion, steps to take after the training is over and evaluation plans that address continued work on racial justice in the context of white privilege.

This project has been funded through the generous bequest of Dr. Rose Mukerji-Bergenson, a member who in the 1960s grew the New York branch by fostering its involvement in civil rights issues.  Therefore, we are able to offer this training at no cost.  Although we always welcome donations for the cause, all we ask is that you provide housing for the trainer.

As the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, we need to address racial justice as a thread through all our work.  It is not a program in and of itself.  This next step of bringing the discussion around racial justice to our membership, with intentional follow through and accountability is necessary steps towards peace with justice.

Sha'an Mouliert at NY Metro Branch Jan 2009
Image from training in San Jose CA 2009

To schedule a training, contact Sha’an Mouliert at mouliet(at)vtlink.net

Please visit the Building the Beloved Community Resource page at http://www.wilpf.org/bbc_readings

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