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Action Proposal Submitted by WILPF’s End the Wars Issue Committee:

Read full Action Program as Adopted by National Conference to Bring the Troops Home Now!

Action Proposal Submitted by WILPF’s End the Wars Issue Committee:

We call for the equal participation of women in all aspects of the antiwar movement. We propose nonviolent direct actions at local U.S. Congressional offices, federal buildings, defense corporations’ facilities, or military bases. These activities would be nationally coordinated local actions, on the same day, for everyone.

Nonviolent direct actions often result in arrest, thus participants would be prepared for that possible outcome before joining the action. Nonviolence training would be offered locally, with lists of trainers being made available.

We would welcome women who choose not to participate in the direct action to come as supporters, as protesters with banners, leaflets, and as press contacts.

WILPFers Attend and Meet-Up at the Obama Inauguration!

WILPF Co-Presidents Attend the Inauguration in Washington DC!

WILPF Co-Presidents Nancy Munger and Laura Roskos attended the Obama Inauguration
WILPF Co-President Nancy Munger with George Bush shoe target
WILPF Co-President Laura Roskos throws shoe at George Bush target
Shoes at feet of George Bush shoe target

WILPF Co- Presidents Laura Roskos and Nancy Munger attended President Barack Obama's Inauguration and arranged several opportunities for meet-ups with WILPFers. 

Laura and Nancy displayed the WILPF banner and were wearing beautiful WILPF scarves - extras of which are available for you ($10/each).

The Co-Presidents were not only at the Inauguration as spectators, but also to advocate for WILPF's priorities for the Obama administration.

WILPF's eNewsletter sent out on Tuesday Jan 20th contained WILPF's full political agenda and link to WILPF's letter to Obama!

The photos to the right show Laura and Nancy doing their best to "shoo out" George W. Bush!



Alert-From FCNL-Invest in Peace Action

There is a need for a dramatic increase in spending on the civilian
instruments of national security - diplomacy, strategic communications,
foreign assistance, civic action, and economic reconstruction and

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates speaking at Kansas State University,

From FCNL-Take Action on Diplomacy

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to require the president to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq within 30 days and set a goal for withdrawal of most combat troops by the end of 2008. The bill would also ban the use of torture in interrogations, direct the administration to seek regional stability in conversation with Iraq's neighbors, and prohibit the U.S. from building permanent military installations in Iraq. But the bill, which provides $50 billion in additional funding for war, will never become law because President Bush will veto it and Congress does not have enough votes to override the president's veto.

Webb letter on Iran

Some Democratic lawmakers have questioned whether a new Bush administration request for $88 million to fit "bunker-busting" bombs to B-2 stealth bombers was part of preparations for an attack on Iran.

A Bush administration summary said the request was needed for "development of a Massive Ordnance Penetrator for the B-2 aircraft in response to an urgent operational need from theater commanders," but gave no details. The Massive Ordnance Penetrator is a conventional bomb designed to destroy hardened or deeply buried targets.

National Call-In Day on Cluster Bombs

November 5 is a Global Day of Action against cluster bombs. People all over the world are taking action to urge the banning of these indiscriminate killers. The call-in day is a chance to show senators that there is strong public opposition to these inhumane weapons in the U.S. and strong support for S.594. The bill would substantially restrict both the use and export of cluster bombs by:

Cost of War

Go to www. nationalpriorities.org to get the following:

In spite of claims that military spending creates jobs, much of the money
spent on the military never makes it back to the States. NPP's findings,
based on recently released federal spending data, show that 32 states pay
more in taxes for the military than they receive back in military spending.

Save Habeas Corpus Act

NOTE: November Scientific American has articles on nuclear weapons

Can you define torture? President Bush wasn't able to when he was asked this week. How reassuring is his claim that "We don't torture" if he can't say what it is that United States isn't doing?

According to the Justice Department, the U.S. is legally allowed to do things to prisoners that most people would consider torture. In a 2005 secret legal opinion that still defines government practice, the

Some resources on nuclear weapons

New NAPF Video - Nuclear Weapons and the Human Future The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is pleased to announce the release of its newest video, Nuclear Weapons and the Human Future. Co-edited by Foundation volunteers Ryan Roberson and Ivan Van Wingerden, the video outlines the Foundation's case against nuclear weapons.

Please contact Rick Wayman at (805) 965-3443 or rwayman@napf.org to order a free copy of this DVD. We encourage you to show the video to your friends, neighbors and family.

From CLW-Feinstein Bill to Stop Funding Nuclear Weapons

From Council for a Livable World Stop President Bush's latest attempt to build new nuclear weapons by calling your Senators and asking them to cosponsor Sen. Diane Feinstein's (D-CA) Nuclear Policy and Posture Review Act (S. 1914). Senator Feinstein has had enough of the Bush administration's myopic refusal to recognize that building new nuclear weapons will severely undermine our efforts to stop Iran and North Korea from building nuclear weapons.

ANALYSIS: Budgeting for War

Prepared by Christopher Hellman, Military Policy Fellow


September 10, 2007


(703) 945-3950 Cell

With the attention of the media and most of the country focused on the report on Iraq being delivered to Congress this week by Gen. David Petraeus and Amb. Ryan Crocker, the Senate will also be taking up the Pentagon¹s annual funding legislation. It does so with a number of competing forces at work ­ the Democrats¹ desire to continue using Iraq to make political points; the unwillingness of members of Congress to appear not to be supporting U.S. troops; and inability of the opponents of the Iraq war on Capitol Hill to round up enough bi-partisan support to force the issue with the Bush Administration.

Good News From Baghdad At Last: The Oil Law Has Stalled

The panic and distraction of the security crisis should not be used as cover for handing Iraq’s wealth to foreigners

by Jonathan Steele August 05, 2007

Glad tidings from Baghdad at last. The Iraqi parliament has gone into summer recess without passing the oil law that Washington was pressing it to adopt. For the Bush administration this is irritating, since passage of the law was billed as a “benchmark” in its battle to get Congress not to set a timetable for US troop withdrawals.

From Arms Control Center-House Markup of Defense Appropriations Bill

July 31, 2007

The House Appropriations Committee completed its markup of the Fiscal Year 2008 Defense Appropriations bill on July 25. The bill includes $459.6 billion for the Department of Defense, $3.5 billion below the Bush Administration’s request ($463.1 billion) and $39.7 billion above current levels (excluding supplementals). The full House will begin consideration of the Defense Appropriations bill the week of July 30. The Senate Appropriations Committee has not yet scheduled action on the bill.

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