President of Pakistan Section Shares Experience Working in Pakistan


Sameena Nazir, executive director of Podohar Organization for Development Advocacy, and the president of WILPF’s Pakistan section shared her perspective of working in Pakistan on February 21 at the home of Joan Ecklein. While in Pakistan, Sameena’s priority was organizing women in the changing landscape, which was determined by the war waged by the U.S. in bordering Afghanistan. She explained the history of Pakistan as one of two countries created purely as religious countries and living under the continuous uncertainties of military regimes. She also shared the present atmosphere in Pakistan where daily life involves drone attacks and targeted killings of Pakistani soldiers by Afghan forces.


Sameena came to the U.S. last month to attend the Commission on the Status of Women meetings at the UN in New York, where she presented information on rural women as they are affected by armed conflict and as they contribute to sustainable agriculture and food security. Before and after her time in NYC, she took several weeks to visit with WIILPF activists in eight branches in the northeast and midwest, making her last appearance in St. Louis on March 20. In addition, Sameena was featured on WILPF’s first live webinar which took place on Friday, March 16 and was attended by over 20 people. Kudos to Chris Morin for organizing this inspiring and timely speaking tour.


Listen to Sameena on Pittsburgh's public radio station 90.5 FM


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